Hostage crisis evolving (US soldiers) in Iraq?

This might be the new strategy. Anyway, fuck.

I don’t want to imagine what they’ll go through.

Aw fuck.

It highly likely appears to be particially or completely bogus though.

One out of two is clearly bogus, and hopefully the other one will be cleared soon. The fact they had no pictures of anyone was rather telling as well.

Of course 2 more soldiers died yesterday so its not like its safe over there, but this appears to be a hoax so far, thank goodness.

What a stupid lie to tell. It’s not like the US army is going to have much trouble finding it’s own people and verifying their status.

Supposedly, they are safe now.

How about the name of that new terror group eh?

Armed Vanguards of the Second Muhammad Army

From Foxnews, bolding mine.

Should have ran it through a focus group first.

It is indeed bullshit according to the source I used, which in some way makes it official.

I think the Pentagon fell for a line of bullshit this time. It’s a good way to get troops panicky and defensive. Worked on me, I felt sorry for the not prisoners.

I thought it was only Christians who were on that whole sequel trip. :confused:

Now we can expect Prophet II: The Revenge?

HUHHH? How about if Yahoo and AP threw a bunch of bullshit against the wall with absolutely zero verification of sources. Just plain and simple shitty journalism.

Yeesh, it one thing to falsely claim that was your bomb that went off- its hard to tell who is lying. But when you claim to have kidnapped two specific people, and you didn’t, that’s going to be figured out pretty quickly. These guys are going to be the laughingstock of the terrorist community. What next- are they going to claim responsibility for the California recall and high gas prices in Arizona?


More detail.

Yep, fake.

I don’t know, there has to be a way to work “Electric Boogaloo” in there. :smiley:

Yeah, that’s as stupid as taking credit for the recent power blackout.

Anyone think the US military might not fess up quite yet if a soldier or 2 was missing?

I doubt it – that would be awful difficult to cover up, and would totally blow up in their faces if it ever came out.


Depends on the audience they were appealing to.

You have a previously unknown group claiming to have captured US soldiers, then a denial by the US. If the Armed Vanguards of the Second Muhammad Army were trying to establish long-term credibility then it’s a stupid stunt. But if they just wanted to help rally people against the US, then it’s not so stupid. They will appeal to those already against the US presence and give them a sense of moral victory. Those against the US presence likely won’t believe the US side of the story any way.

And while there will be people who are on the fence and ultimately do believe the US it’s not as if the credibility of an established group will be hurt by the stunt. It’s probably a fly-by-night organization.