Hostile Birds Attack People in Houston

That’s what it says on the Yahoo page (the title on the article itself is often different):

Everyone makes the inevitable connection to The Birds. It could be worse – they could make the connection to High Anxiety.

Tennis racquets are very effective against many different kinds of birds.

Mockingbirds do a pretty good job of attacking people who come too near places the birds don’t want people getting close to. I had one attack me out of a bush as I was walking in to work. This was in the '60’s and I still remember it well. First thing I thought of when I read the story. Second thing was The Birds which I believe I had seen before that mockingbird got after me. (I believe I had already seen To Kill A Mockingbird but I always wondered why it wasn’t a blue jay that you weren’t supposed to kill). And why don’t they call it the “blue jay of happiness”?

Carry on…

From The Star-Ledger 5/19/05: Emu’s mysterious visit causes flap in Watchung

Not emus…and wouldn’t it be more proper to use badminton racquets on the flying variety?

I’ve been “swooped” by those birds! One hit me in the head with a wing or something. Rascals.

They were protecting a baby bird that had fallen from the nest.

Because a Bluebird is a different species and they are a lot happier than Blue Jays.
See what I mean?*
[sub]Yes, I know he’s not all blue, but he is a Bluebird.[/sub]

Indeed! (neat photo) Just think of all the songs where you could substitute “blue jay” for “bluebird” and have a whole lot funnier/sicker song. I mean there’s virtually no uglier sound than the “graaack” a blue jay makes. And except for starlings I can’t think of a bird that annoys me more.