Hot apple cider

Cecil answered the question of where apple cider comes from in his column, so I’m not asking that question. But how can I heat apple cider without souring it while I can’t do that to other beverages?

Side note: I read somewhere that if you use skim milk, it’s safe to heat a bowl of cereal in the microwave. How does the amount of fat in milk determine whether it sours when it gets hotter?

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Being a big fan of homemade hot chocolate, I can categorically state that milk does not sour when heated and can be heated in the microwave easily.

Perhaps skim milk does not boil over quite as readily as regular?

I’ve never had a problem heating milk in microwave and I get it factory direct. Try heating the milk seperately then putting it in the cereal, probably not the same though is it?

mulled wine doesn’t sour, either… YUM