Hot damn, I feel smart :-)

Rummaging through the closet tonight, I stumbled across my old (now considered POS) computer. Inside, I was delighted to find 2 32MB SDRAM sticks and a 4 GB HD. In under half an hour, I successfully added the HD and one of the 32MB sticks (only have 2 RAM slots on the new comp) to my new computer.

Wheeeee! :smiley:

Kinda the 2k2 equivalent of finding a $20 bill in an old coat pocket

Wow! I once found some caution tape on the side of the road - like crime-scene tape, but with ‘caution’ all over it. It now hangs around my closet door. I’m very happy.

Man, if I had access to a 4 GB hard drive, I’d scoop it up! :smiley: