hot flashes w/o menopause

When doing an internet search on hot flashes all of the sites that came up were associated with menopause. Are hot flashes a common symptom of other things?


Hot flashes can be a symptom of things other than menopause.

Except for menopause, the most common cause is so-called “idiopathic” meaning that no cause is apparent!

Some other causes include:

  • drug or surgical treatment to induce “menopause” in men eg. medical or surgical castration for prostate cancer
  • carcinoid syndrome (quite rare)
  • pheochromocytoma (fairly rare)
  • mastocytosis (very rare)
  • hyperthyroidism (usually a constant hot feeling, not just flashes)
    Bottom line: >99.9% are associated with menopause or are idiopathic.

Just skimming. Try “Thermoregulatory Dysfunction”.


Something called a “thyroid storm”.

Something called “Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome”.

Are you trying to diagnose somebody who’s having hot flashes (unexplained fevers) but who couldn’t possibly be menopausal? If so, then we’re talking “serious doctor time”, babe. :frowning: We’re talking endocrine and metabolic disorders. Fibromyalgia’s not life-threatening, but the other two things are. And like I said, I was just skimming the surface.

Have it checked out.

P.S. There is also something called a Fever of Unknown Origin, or FUO. This is different from hot flashes and also ought to be checked out by a doctor. Hot flashes, by definition, come and go, but the FUO stays and stays and stays. Sometimes FUOs turn out to be mononucleosis. I had mono years ago and had fever spikes every afternoon for months after the mono itself was pronounced “cured”. And I was only 21, so it couldn’t have been hot flashes.

And a “duh” moment hits (they always wait until after you’ve gone back to the Forum–why is that?) If you ARE trying to diagnose somebody, when the hot flash hits, stick a thermometer in his mouth and take his temperature. Hot flashes don’t always register on a thermometer, because it’s your skin that’s flushed and hot, not your body core temperature. “Hot flash” is different from “fever”.

You’ll need data anyway, if you’re going to talk to a doctor.