hot water heater repair

I just replaced the heater elements in my electric hot water heater. When refilling, I left a hot water tap open and got a lot of air out. But it occurs to me that once the water level passes the outflow pipe, no more air will come out. For the Plumbers/DIYs here, is there likely to be more air trapped in the tank? Should I open the relief valve at the top for a bit to let any air out?
What is the normal procedure in this case?


Let me be the first to ask why you would want to heat hot water?

As for refilling water heaters, the relief valve at the top does not need to be opened to ensure the tank is filled properly, just the hot water tap** farthest** down the line.

As long as you have a standard top outlet water heater, all the air will come out via any faucet.

hot, hotter, hottest!

once the water level in the tank passes the outflow pipe, any remaining air will be trapped in the tank. So, how close to the top is the opening of the outflow pipe? Lots of links telling me about the dip tube, I couldn’t find anything about the outflow pipe.

We did open the faucet furthest from the tank and got a lot of air out.
The tank seems to be working quite well now. Just curious about getting the most performance out of the tank.

I looked around and as long as it’s is a top outflow pipe design, opening the faucet farthest down the line is the only thing recommended.

If the valve was to be opened, it’d have popped up in several sites as a recommendation. I could not find any site recommending that.

It also jives with what I would understand to be correct. You are good to go!

The outflow will be at the very top of the tank and there should be no or almost no air left in the tank. And even if there is a small amount of air left it will soon dissolve and disappear. And it would be good if a small amount of air was left and could stay because it would help with water hammer effects.