Hotel Guests Unaware of Rotting Corpse

Ah yes, now this is the Thailand I know and miss: Sleeping Guests Unaware of Body under the Bed

Two guests checked into a Pattaya hotel and noticed a bad smell. Management had the room sprayed, and the guests slept peacefully. After they checked out, housekeeping noticed a rotting transgender corpse under the bed. Two teens have been apprehended for the murder.

I always warn people away from Pattaya. If your room comes with a corpse, you really have only yourself to blame for going there in the first place.

Two Thai Boy Toys Bed One Stiff Miss Thai?

Statistics show that more than 40% of hotel beds and pull-out couches contain dead bodies.

Somebody owes some late check out fees.

Febreze commercial. And you don’t even need to change the script.

That’s some crack detective work! :slight_smile:

Don’t be so hard on Thailand. That type of thing is a surprisingly common occurrence even in the U.S. You get some absurdities like this case in New Jersey in which a body was stored under a motel room bed for 5 years before it was noticed (I am guessing that it wasn’t one of the more popular hotels on Yelp but it can happen anywhere). There have been many cases of bodies stored in or under hotel mattresses that were not noticed for days or weeks.

There was also this case in Los Angeles. Nobody knows how it happened but Elisa Lam ended up dead in a hotel water tank at the top of a hotel and wasn’t found for many days after other guests reported problems with their water supply.

The bottom line is always check carefully under your bed for dead people as soon as you check into your hotel room. Demand another room if you find one or more because it is difficult to get a good night’s sleep with police getting all up in your business.

Shagnasty, your first link is to a satirical news site.

My mistake. I was just picking one at random and missed. However, the general point stands. Snopes even has an article on the phenomenon and it is one of the fairly rare “urban legends” that is both true and common.

Thanks for the link. That’s pretty horrific.