Hotel near SFO with in-room broadband?

Sorry to burden the group with a petty question about something I actually need to do, but…

I’m going to San Fran next week and I’m looking for a hotel that offers broadband internet access (not that crap little “data port” thing on the phone) in the room.

  1. Anyone know of any?
  2. If not, any suggestions as to where I could look? The normal online travel sites (expedia, orbitz, etc) don’t list this as an option you can search on.


Here .

Thanks. I checked out the hotel mentioned in that article, the Holiday Express Fisherman’s Wharf ( ) but their reservation agent said they do not have broadband in the room…?

Any additional suggestions/thoughts??

  • Dan

Actually I just found out that I can stay either near SFO airport or in San Fran itself. Any ideas then??