Hotel of Heroes mafia

Welcome to Hotel of Heroes mafia game.

This game designed for anyone to play. It is not targeted at veterans or newbies, so if you are interested, jump on in! A brief overview of the rules will follow in the following post.

I’m pretty interested in how this game is going to work out. I’m pretty proud of it, honestly, and I expect a good game.

Anyway, here we go:
**Heroes. Don’t you just love them?

They permeate our literature and in many ways, have become a big part of our lives. We admire their qualities, their dedication, and the sacrifices they make to not only save the day, but represent the best in us.

Therefore, it’s rather a shame that at this very moment, Earth’s greatest heroes have been ambushed. Pulled away from our planet and isolated in an unknown dimension, they are more confused than ever. Our heroes are currently trapped in a building(a hotel???). It’s quite large and not only do they not all know each other very well, they don’t know where they are or what is going on.

All they know is what the voice said over the loud-speaker. The voice was not menacing or threatening. It was just….disinterested. It sounded like, whoever it was, was reading a script. A script that he didn’t like.

“Hello, all. Uh, I suppose you think yourselves to be heroic. Now’s the time to see what you are really made of,” it began.

The speaker sighed once, sounding bored, and continued., “God, that was lame. Anyway, not all of you are all that heroic… Nope. Some of you, as you obviously know(unless you are dim), are members of the Naughty Dividing Characters of Evil(NDCE). They are, I guess, bad. We, I mean I, leave it to you to figure out who is who. Only death can reveal your true forms. Death and a team of writers. Uh, forget that part. Anyway, good luck. Or not. Either way.”

The heroes stared at one another, dumbfounded. Much as they do now, sitting there wondering what this could all be about. In the time between the announcement and now, they had quickly put together a name worthy of their cause. They called themselves the Excellent Indivisible Unity of Good Characters, or EIUGC for short. Let’s hope they don’t have to make flyers in the near future. After some brief discussion, the loudspeaker crackled again. It still sounded bored.
“Attention, ‘heroes’, attention. One, we hate your team name. It sounds like it was written by a……by a……well, a bad writer child with no brains. And two, and this is important, don’t forget to have some chips and dip. They are in the lobby and are complimentary.”

Welcome to Hotel of Heroes Mafia game! Sign-ups below.** :slight_smile:

More specific “Mafia” game information:

Each Day, the players in the game will vote to lynch/kill one person. Whomever receives the most votes dies and is out of the game. If it is a tie, whomever was ahead first gets lynched.


  1. One faction is called the “Excellent Indivisible Unity of Good Characters(EIUGC).” and is comprised of individuals who are working together to defeat the enemy. “EIUGC” folks are this games version of “Townies.”

  2. One faction is called, “Naughty Dividing Characters of Evil(NDCE).” and is comprised of members for whom “evil is a job”. “NDCE” are this game’s version of Scum.

I will answer no questions about the existence/nonexistence of any additional factions, nor will I answer general questions about power roles and so forth.

How to vote:

Votes are in bold and blue, like so:
Vote Mahaloth

Unvotes are in bold and red:
Unvote Mahaloth

Mod questions are in bold and green:
What happens if peeker won’t shut up?

If I do not respond to your question, I either missed it(ask again), or I am ignoring it. If I choose to do so, I will tell you that I am not answering it, but I don’t “have to”, so to speak.

Do NOT PM each other about the game.

Nights are 2 days long, Days are 5 days long. They may get shorter as the player list shrinks. I’ll announce when Night Zero(an intro Night with no kills or power usage) begins after the signups are complete and we’ll go from there.

All EUIGC strategy must occur during the Day(except Night Zero).

Only fluff posts are allowed during the Night(again, except Night Zero).

You can edit posts if you want. Up to you.

Oh, we will have a Night Zero before Day One. Strategy is allowed during that time, which is used for confirming PM’s and getting things going.

  1. Honestly, this has more to do with games around here lately. Listen, discuss whatever you want, but I have made my policy on game design quite clear. The game is not, to my knowledge, breakable. It is not breakable by analyzing your PM and trying to figure out how many letters/vowels, or whatever are in them. In my experience, this kind of focus is not a great idea.

That kind of talk is discouraging to newer players, too, so I’d prefer not to see it.

Do with it what you will. I won’t prevent any such talk. More of a request and suggestion instead of a rule.

  1. Ah yes, this time I will give you a sample vanilla role PM. Here it is.

It might get confusing with my username, but I’m in.

I’m in!

  1. Wolverine
  2. ushimitsudoki

I’ve never played this game before, but since reading the international mafia thread I’ve been checking back everyday to see if there was a new one.

Please count me in

sure, I’ll play, but I think someone stole my pants.

I will and you will do fine.

Sure, I’m in.

Can I just accuse ed right now and get it over with?

This game is going to have a kinder and gentler Ed.

I’m tired of being lynched just for talking and making cases…you know…playing mafia

Well, I’m hopelessly addicted, so I’d like in please. Though I do think Ed is acting suspicious, don’t you?

ETA: Sorry Ed, it’s nothing specific, just a feeling, ya know?


And I’ve been jonesin bad for one too.


Hey, at least you didn’t have your name and Avatar taken from you.

Not that I’m still bitter about it.

Seriously, I don’t think it will be a problem Wolf. I can call you wolf, can’t I wolf?

I’d love to play this game!

/in me. Will mainly be able to read and post in the (UK) evenings.

/in please. :slight_smile:

Out. I’ll follow along spoiled and help with modding if you need it.


I’ve sat out a few games. But it’s like riding a bike, right?