Hotmail, and the way it sorts my emails

Hi all,

Recently my Hotmail account has started sorting my email inbox in order of the size of the email, rather than the date I received it. How do I switch it back? It started doing this on its own a few days ago.

hey there, click on the heading of the column you want to sort bye


Easy cheesy. At the top of your email listing is a blue bar with the column labels in white. Click the one that says “Date”. If the dates are in the wrong order (e.g. oldest to newest), just click it again).

You should be able to click on whichever column heading you’d like it to use to sort the emails. I believe the default is by date. Clicking the same heading again will change it from ascending order to descending order or vice-versa.


Wow, that was painfully easy.

Thanks guys.