Hotmail: "Reply To" Window

Can anybody help me with my Hotmail “Reply To” function?

For about the last month or so, “Reply To” and “Reply All” opens up a window that is only about a line or two wide.

The original message will be there, as well as any amount of text I type into that sliver, but I can only see about two lines at a time ,and it makes it hard to edit or look at the parts of the original message I’m replying to.

I didn’t change any settings and this happens on any number of computers I sign into.

Thanks in advance for all [del]serious[/del] answers.

That’s odd. For me, the window is roughly about 75 percent of the screen, right in the middle, with plenty of room to read the original text and type in my reply.

Looking around in the Options, I don’t see anything that would let you to change this. Have no idea why your window has shrunk.

It used to be that size for me and all of a sudden it changed without any input from me. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of but can’t find anything. Thanks for supplying a second set of eyes.

Are you using Classic or Full version? Try switching to the other version, see if anything changes?

I’ll try that. Thanks. I still don’t understand why it suddenly changed and why it gives me a full, regular when I “Compose New.”

Anybody else have any ideas?