House 2/16

This is the one we missed last week due to the presidential address.

House confronts 13 and Foreman, while a patient who is a priest is caught up in a molestation scandal.

Didn’t they do the Duran Duran = spleen bit before? And House’s screwing with “Foreteen” seemed to be a bit much for House to me. It wasn’t nearly as subtle as House usually seems to do.

I’m impressed with myself - I figured out during the episode who the kid who played Ryan was, even though the last thing I saw him in was six years ago.

Does anyone else think that 13 and Forman’s gloating shows a lack of understanding on their part? House doesn’t really care if they’re in a relationship or not, he just wants them to behave competently. By tricking him into believing they’ve broken up by acting appropriately they’ve…given him exactly what he wants.

It took me a little bit to remember the guy who played the priest was the kid who plays the smart ass intern on David Letterman.

Interesting. An episode in which House is wrong the entire way through.

What was the final set of songs that he was playing on the piano?

I don't watch the show but having a child who does, caught that last bit in passing. Sounded like Jewish music that might be played at a rite ( bris?) with a Chopinesque interpretation overlaid with "You can't always get what you want" (Jagger-Richards).

I think House stepped aside because Wilson also wants Cuddy and he’d be better for her.

I also think that Chase best explained House’s actions in the episode.

Chase doesn’t look good with the grunge look.

The closed captioning identified it as “Cuddy’s Theme, Hugh Laurie”. Then it morphed into “You can’t always get what you want”, then back to “Cuddy’s Theme”.

I thought it sounded like ritual music too.

And for me he’ll forever be one of the inbred brothers from Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

So I missed part of it, so I have a question.Did 13 and Foreman pretend to break up so they could both work for House at the same time? I saw a scene where they were fighting in front of house, then I saw a scene at the end where it looked like they were laughing like they pulled the wool over someone’s eyes.

I don’t think you missed anything Enright3. They saved that reveal until the final montage.

Reflecting back on the episode, one thing that I thought was a bit of a plot hole: The church kept moving him around b/c of his molestation accusations, and after moving hmi all over they ultimately moved him back to…the same city where his alleged victim also lived? :confused:

I was puzzled too, because I thought that when they first discussed the priest’s multiple changes of parish, the first place they named was somewhere else. It’d be a hell of a coincidence if the kid involved had ended up in the same city.

Speaking of coincidences, the solution to the medical mystery is that the first symptom, the hallucination, was coincidental and unrelated to the actual illness. So, a red herring – but it seems unfair. We were shown a pretty amazing-looking hallucination – floating, bloody Jesus. Then at the end it’s casually dismissed as the effect of Scotch.

That was one of the things which was turning the priest back towards his faith. It all seemed just a little too weird. (Translation: It was all a McGuffin so the story could have the priest stop being an athiest by the end.)

I want some of his scotch!

[Prof Farnsworth]

Turns out it’s ordinary scotch! Oh yes, ordinary scotch mixed with large amounts of LSD!"


THAT’s who he was. That’s been driving me nuts all day.

The original incident occurred in Manhattan; the priest was now stationed in Princeton. It’s like three hours away. Close enough for Taub to drive up there to, he thought, possibly save the kid’s life. Far enough away that they wouldn’t come into casual contact.

Enright, House demanded that Foreman and 13 break up because they were of no use to him as a couple. They refused, so he fired Foreman. Cutty refused to give Foreman a letter of rec because he compromised the drug trial, so he wouldn’t be able to get a better job. 13 then offered to quit instead because she would be able to get another job, and they had a big fight about it in her apartment. The next thing we saw was them sniping at each other at work because they’d broken up, until the ending reveal that it was just a show for House’s benefit.


I don’t understand why Cuddy would refuse to give Foreman a letter of recommendation, yet continue to allow him to work at the hospital. If she’s that disapproving she should fire him.

House gets what he wants.