House 2/6

I didn’t even look to see what’s up with tonight’s ep. I don’t mind a surprise, however.

After last week’s philosophical curve ball, this week we get an episode in the classic style.

Does the patient keep nearly dying because House and his team can’t get the diagnosis right? Check.
Does House have some piddling side mission that he cares more about than the actual patient? Check.
Does he ultimately get what he wants? Check.
Does he do something inappropriate in the OR? Check.
Is there a break-in? Check.
Is there bleeding “down there”? Check.

Total nitpick: Why, when frost and snow are on the ground, are there still leaves on the trees? I noticed the same thing last week at the park with the rape victim.

You sure? I haven’t seen any previews, but imdb says the title of the episode is “One Day, One Room.” That sounds like the kind of title that would lend itself to a “Three Stories” style of narration. But if you have seen a preview and know what it’s about, then obviously I’m wrong.

Anyone know who the singer was at the end of the episode?

That was the title of last week’s episode. This week’s is “Needle in a Haystack.”

I felt really bad for the girlfriend. She should dump the kid since it’s clear from his conversation with Forman at the end that he’s going to end up buying into that insular crap that his parents have got going on. She should cut her losses now, before he realizes that she doesn’t fit into what he wants out of life.
koeeoaddi, “In The Waiting Line” by Zero 7. I was surprised to hear it now since I’ve had an MP3 of it for nearly a year and a half already . I thought the window had passed for it to become popular enough for TV use, but obviously not.

…the leaves were on the trees because they could afford to spray fake snow everywhere, but they didn’t want to denude the trees too.

Yes! Loved the episode, looks like the show is back on stride. Although it was great to see Foreman come to life again, I didn’t like the whole “outsider” thing; as Julie Kavner said in that old Woody Allen movie, “You’re just realizing this now?”

It’s not because he’s black, it’s because he’s being groomed to be the new House.

And what, exactly, is wrong with the old one? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this episode was great - it seems they may be setting up a Foreman arc about him being lonely, and perhaps going hunting for a wife.

While we’re on the subject, whatever happened to him dating that nurse in pediatrics? We had to go through a whole episode of House betting that Wilson was dating her to find out it was Foreman … and now where is she?

Probably to the same black hole that the wheelchair-using doctor from this episode is about to go. They finished helping to tell their respective episodes and the Reset Button is pressed.

Yes, that bugs me. Finally they set up a grouchy foil to House and then drop her again. I was so happy to see someone as snarky as he, a worthy opponent. Although I did think a wheelchair would be easier than a cane for going further.

I’m surprised the kid ever got a non-Romani girlfriend to begin with.

And I was sidetracked by the soup, thinking that would be the key to the medical mystery. :smack:

Prolly so…but I was so hoping for some wheelchair sex innuendo from House. Damn it. What show do I know Wheelchair Doctor Chick from?

I’m hoping they’ll bring her back (wheelchair doc) but from IMDB it doesn’t look like they will.

I liked how House distracted the father “They’ll be yelling at me for the next 20 minutes.”

The old red herring soup …

Lots of stuff.

It looks like she’ll be in next week’s episode. From the episode synopsis:

“. . .And Foreman’s girlfriend, Nurse Wendy, has a Valentine’s Day getaway planned for the two of them.”

I’m fairly sure it’s from this disc. Maybe the third track?

YAY – House was back!!

So the dude had a toothpick punch its way out of the intestine, and the toothpick itself was the problem? Yeah, sure. His insides would have been rotting out from all the enteric bacteria infections that would have ravaged his body.

Now, see, I’d rather House hooked up with the diminutive lady from a couple eps back. There were some sparks flying… “Care to go for a spin?” :smiley:

Maybe I’m wrong but I got the impression that once they got it out they could treat the rest of his problems not that he instantly got better once it was removed.