House 5/16

Hmm, is Foreman back to normal tonight?

I must be honest; I was redialing votes for American Idol all through the episode and so was a bit distracted. There was an African American girl whose “Dad” turned out not to be her dad at all; she was having freaky hallucinations; at one point she had reverse peristalsis and, um, pooped from her mouth :eek: (is that possible???), House was giving Cuddy injections at her request because she is going through in vitro fertilization (?), and at this point a more coherent Doper is welcome to wade in.

I think the most interesting part of the whole episode was the fact that I once met D.B. Sweeney – the actor playing Crandall – after a football game I was covering.

It starts out on a plane - Leona and Crandall sitting side by side. She has a hallucination of water coming through the plane and heart issues. Opening credits. House at home, pacing. His leg obviously hurts much more than usual. He’s fumbling with a lock box with morphine in it when the phone rings. Cuddy comes on the machine telling him about a 16-year old girl with such and such symptoms. He comes to the hospital and sees Crandall, who was a friend from his youth (good line - Cuddy saying “I thought I knew all your friend.”). Cuddy also gives him some medical profiles of potential sperm donors. Crandall tells House the girl’s grandfather was a famous musician. D.B. Sweeney (the white guy) had done a book on him years before. She’d lost everything in Katrina, then contacted Crandall (Sweeney) telling him he was her father. House thinks she’s scamming Crandall. He agrees to treat the girl and does a test that checks the electrifcal pathways of her heart and finds the bad one. They fix it with some sort of freezing technique and he says she’s cured. She’ll be fine by breakfast. Of course it can’t be that simple.

House goes to see Cuddy and tells her all the potential daddies are losers, and that she needs to know the person before deciding on whether he should be a dad, because there’s more to it than can be read in a medical and genetic history. (House - “You’re designing a kid, a loser kid. He’s already getting pummeled on the playground.”) Cut to the kid, who has another hallucination, of her dead mother in Katrina. THe team is brainstorming, meanwhile House is pacing like a madman. THey decide maybe the hallucinations are a weird pain reaction from an auto-immune reaction. They put her in a PET scan and House tortures the girl (which was very hard to watch). He provokes a hallucination by hurting her. They put her on the bone marrow registry. Throughout, Crandall refuses to have a paternity test done.

Clinic patient - little boy with a red rash on his face in chest. Mother concerned - House diagnoses a new couch, with the dye rubbing off on hte kid. Bingo! Cuddy asks House to give her twice-daily injections for the fertility treatments. House again tells her that she should be more care picking her potential baby daddy. Later he’s talking to Wilson while the girl is under-going radiation (probably to kill her bone marrow pt\rior to the transplant) and explains that he was friends with Crandall because when they were 20 Crandall had a car. If he’d been a woman, House would’ve married him. They look at the girl and this nasty jelly-ish substance is oozing from her mouth. It’s (eww) a mixture of blood and fecal matter. Her digestive system has reversed itself. Reverse peristalsis. A liver biopsy is needed to determine what the real problem is. House is talking to Wilson, who is eating lunch. He tries to gross Wilson out but Wilson’s an oncologist - a little poop from someone’s mouth won’t keep him from eating his chicken mole’. He tells Wilson that he broke up a relationship Crandall had with a prior girlfriend, because she was nuts. Cameron is just about to poke her with a huge needle while House is listening to a recording of her Grandfather’s music. He pages the OR and tells them to stop the presses, he knows what it is. She has a hereditary disease which her alcoholic musician gransfather had, too much iron - hemochromatosis. They’ll treat it and she’ll be fine by lunch.

House introduces Cuddy to a new candidate for a rotating intern. He’s a real geek, and it turns out to be Cuddy’s top sperm donor candidate. She’s not impressed. They treat the iron, but something goes horribly wrong - the iron her blood goes to the lungs, where it bonds with the oxygen and starts coming out the walls. Whoops! There must be a fungal infection! What’s the fungus? He picks a common one, and the start treatment. Cuddy gets her second shot, House telling her, “Genes matter. Who you are matters. You should chose someone you trust.” Cuddy - “Someone like you?” House - “Someone you like.”

House gets Inga to massage his leg. Wilson walks in. Cameron walks in. The fungal treatment isn’t working. They need to find out where she’s been saying so they can treat the right fungus. House privately gets her to admit that she’s been lying to Crandall about being his daughter, being in a Children’s Shelter. He finds out she’d been staying in her grandfather’s recording studio. They decide the sound-proofing material would hold moisture, giving them a new kind of fungus to try. She’ll be fine by dinner.

Cuddy comes down and stares for a while at house, then thanks him for giving her the injections. She walks away. House tells Leona that she only thought she’d lied when she said Crandall was her father. He ran a paternity test and Crandall is her dad.

End scene - house lying on his couch lookking at hte paternity test results, which say Crandall wasn’t leona’s father. He puts the sheet down on the table next to an empty morphine needle. Fade to black.

Thank you so much for this excellent detailed synopsis. I fell asleep (How could this happen???) during the second half of the show and had no clue how it turned out.

“It isn’t what it looks like!” :smiley:

I’m not sure if it was because I was distracted while trying to watch it or what, but this episode just wasn’t up to par with House’s usual excellence. To me, anyway.

I agree, not a great episode. Not actually bad, but not very compelling. Oh weel, they can’t all be gems.

Best line:

House is talking about how he went to go talk to Crandall’s crazy girlfriend.

House: I was just going to go talk to her.
Wilson: But, you blew it.
House: (makes “the other way around” gestures)
Wilson: (is now put off his lunch)
House: (chows down on chicken mole’)

Some stuff whizzed by so fast that I got confused…

Why would a heart problem cause hallucinations (the first, bad, diagnosis)?

Why would Cuddy need fertility treatments and in vitro? She’s just looking for a sperm donor – a turkey baster would work.

Totally missed the significance of the recording studio big reveal.

Since when does Cuddy make moon eyes at House like she wants to have his baby?? Maybe the injections are giving her mood swings?? Make it someone you like, indeed. Will she persuade herself that underneath it all she likes House?

House bending back the girl’s finger was a little much. He could say it was for medical reasons, but it was weird seeing him physically sadistic like that.

And one more ep before hiatus–House shot! He’s definitely in as Cuddy’s baby daddy after that.

Cuddy said “I thought I knew all your friend”? Dang, I missed that. Good line.

I also liked when House was giving her the injection and he swabbed her bum with the alcohol pad for about 5 minutes and she finally says “I think you got that”.

I don’t think House should be her baby daddy though. That would just make the whole dynamic of the show too weird.

If she subsequently moved to Nebraska, she’d have a little House on the prairie.

<burns>release the hounds</burns>

The heart thingy was confusing to me… apparently a ‘bad electrical impulse accross a bad/good heart muscle’ can cause hallucinations… so they did the heart thing and found a spot that caused a hallucination and then destroyed that bit of muscle.

The Fertility treatments are meant to ensure that she can get pregnant when she finds a donor.

Becuase it showed a decline in the girl’s grandfathers playing ability, that indicated either drugs and alchohol or a genetic disorder.

Also, the book had an earlier picture of the girl and showed that she was not as dark as she once was.

I’m still not sure of the end with Cuddy… was she thanking him because the shots are no longer needed? Is she now preggars or has decided against?

Well, for not really liking Cuddy (or so he says), House sure pays a lot of attention to her, to the point of keeping a calendar of her periods.

gigi, what were the previews for next week’s House?

I guess I was a bit disturbed that they were about to destroy the girl’s immune system based on a faulty snap diagnosis. Seems I’d want a more thorough workup than that before they started the irradiation.

I’m also a bit disturbed that I think I’ve seen exactly the same scene on House once before where they were busy irradiating someone and then House changed his mind. (Might have been another show, but I think it was first season House).

A former patient comes back and shoots House in the side and then they show him levelling the gun at House’s head or chest and a gunshot. “Not dead yet” though, as the next shot is House and the former patient in hospital beds next to one another. House in a hospital gown falls on the floor, and then we see the closeout as House in a hospital gown says ominously “Oh my God!” I’ve forgot parts of it though.

Ah, ok… what makes you think he’s gonna be Cuddy’s baby daddy based on that? :wink:

This was my favorite line of the episode too. I was already warming up to the show (usually just leaving it on while I dialed “Idol”) but this turned me into a fan.

And, technically, House says “technically…” before he makes the gesture. genius!

You forgot the part where House punches Wilson!

Does anyone know the veracity of the reverse peristalsis bit? I don’t know why I need to know, but I do.