House 9/23

Maybe it’s all just the patient hallucinating, but the promo for tonight showed House telling a woman that he has cut off her head and that “it won’t hurt.” And then he brandishes a cleaver!

Can’t wait.


I gather that the private detective is now “on retainer.” I like the way he interacts with House. Anybody catch his name? I missed it.

I thought Wilson was going to cave when House showed up at his door. I didn’t want him to, of course, but now I’m worried they’re going to write his character out of the show, which would be a loss.

Can you believe this one? I saw viva’s post last night, thought–yay! can’t wait either, thinking that the show started at 8pm. And so it does–EASTERN time.
:smack: I missed it AGAIN. Dumbkopf! I turned it on to catch “that’s some bad hat, harry”


Not to worry, it should show up on or hulu eventually.

I have an interesting theory about a major plot twist. Read at your own peril!

I predict Thirteen does not have Huntington’s. Given House’s history of manipulating those around him, if I were Thirteen, I would privately get myself re-checked.

Good job by Felicia Day as patient of the week.

Found the PI entertaining - tho you gotta wonder when - if ever - they are going to winnow down the supporting cast.

Read somewhere they are planning on spinning off a series for the PI. If true, seems kinda weird to have one show used so blatantly to launch another show.

I’m sure Dopers can come up with a dozen examples without turning a hair.

I liked the PI, but I think he will be better as a recurring character than carrying his own show.

You’ll be glad to see her again . . . general spoilerage has it that she’ll be having an affair with Thirteen.

And what was that, she had a corneal transplant because her vision was 20/200? Mine was 20/600 before Lasik. Get in line, sister.

Absolutely priceless: House hitting on Dr. O’Hara in the lunchroom, to audition him as a surrogate Wilson. He was willing to buy House’s lunch, so that was a good sign.
“Like monster trucks?”
“I’m not gay.” “Neither am I. Wanna come over tonight?”

O’Hara will be dodging House for weeks.

I took that to mean that her best corrected vision was 20/200. If that’s the best you can do with glasses or contacts, you’re in trouble.

Wilson is starting to get on my nerves. Is he leaving the show or not? If he’s going to come back, how are they going to work that without him seeming really pathetic?

I love that Kumar (Kutner) seems to be the best doctor of the new trio. Isn’t it time for a show centered on him? Looks like next week has a lot of Taub in it.

My DVR crapped out and I missed everything after the first 49 minutes. Could somebody please spoiler the ending for me? Thanks.

“Assignment: Earth” :slight_smile:

If you’re asking what the medical mystery turned out to be – as I understood it, [spoiler]the donated organs brought with them not cancer but cancer stem cells, which can migrate through the bloodsteam and mimic anything, i.e., brain tissue, so Patient of the Week had tissue in her brain that looked like normal brain tissue but didn’t function properly. The previous organ recipients who died had similar non-functioning imitation tissue in their vital organs.

Show ends with House on the phone to (I assume) the PI, saying “Can I put you on retainer?”[/spoiler]

When my husband came home from band practice, I told him that House had killed a tuba player. He was unconcerned. I think I correctly taped the episode, so I may have make and model of the tuba for you later. I know you all were wondering. Also whether the guy was holding the horn properly and if his embouchure was any good.

Thanks very much! And I’ve now found a place online to watch it, so all is once again right with the world, House-wise. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you need to spoiler spec. Didn’t 13 run the test herself? If that’s the case then the results are definitely suspect.

And I thought the “Can I put you on retainer?” question was to the call-girl from the end of the previous epi, not to the PI.

Ah, House bought himself a new friend. How cute.

I gotta call bullshit on the vomiting after chemo. Nowadays they give you drugs before and after to prevent that. All I had was some queasiness that passed within a few days.

Maybe because I’m going through my own health stuff now, but I’m getting a bit impatient with all the It’s This No It’s Not Yes It Is Treat Her for That Just In Case It’s This Other Thing That I Said It Wasn’t But Now I Think It is nonsense. How does House get such a stellar reputation? Cuddy has to put guards on the patient’s door, for crying out loud, and he still manages to get his new PI buddy to screw with the patient’s meds. His malpractice insurance must through the roof and as for being the best diagnostician…HA!

I can take some back and forth, but treating somebody because you think it may be something even though all the tests say otherwise is getting a bit more than I can take.

Thought it was a bit poorly written for a “House” episode. Many good points - House scouting a replacement friend; Wilson not caving; Cuddy placing guards outside the room (tho they weren’t very good); patient lying about having a child.
I liked that Kumar kept coming up with good Ideas. I’m getting tired of the plastic surgeon’s endless negativity. And Foreman was more pointless/useless than ever. Quit embarassing the actor and just get rid of him already. I really like the PI character. Well done, tho his entrance was a little abrupt.

Nope, it was definitely to the PI. He’s going to be a recurring character.

I like him. But I like Wilson better, and I’m sure he’ll be back. Will be interesting to see how the dynamic goes when he does come back, unless the PI leaves.

Funny thing is, I like Wilson, Cuddy, and the PI much more than I like any of House’s underlings (present or former). I can’t stand Thirteen. Taub and Kuttner are all right, ditto Foreman and Chase (I like them better now than I did when they were underlings) but Cameron still annoys me. In fact, Thirteen and Cameron are way too similar, personality-wise, for my liking. Cuddy is the only one who has the *cojones *(figuratively speaking) to stand up to House and make it look believable.

I missed a few of the later episodes from the last season - anyone care to clue me in regarding the fallout between House and Wilson?