House Arrest appreciation thread

Anyone else watch House Arrest on TBS this evening? I’ve never seen it before, but it managed to hold my interest. Surprisingly heartwarming.

And Jennifer Love Hewiit – who I had no idea was in this movie, or I’d certainly have seen it before – was hot at like 14 years old! Troubling in a sense, but in another sense, yowza! You know what it is, it’s her smile. The way her eyes crinkle up at the corners and she just looks so cute you just have to love her.

And that fugly kid with the shag cut got with her! I mean, of course you knew it was going to happen, but it was still completely unbelievable. Although he was so earnest that it was hard not to root for him, and when he finally got to kiss her at the end (in front of the whole school!), I was going nuts.

So I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone, and if anyone else has anything about this movie to contribute, this would be the place to air your point of view.