House construction in the rain?

I’ve seen houses being built & then the bare wood frames get soaked cause it rains. Doesn’t this weaken the structure or cause mold later?

I see they keep construction going later as if nothing happened. Hmmmm?

It happens all the time. There is no easy way to stop it. They still keep doing it. So it must not be harmful.

WAG: Most of the water justs runs off the boards and does not soak in. Since wood comes from trees, which do get wet, short term exposure should not hurt.

handy, while no harm is likely to come from framing while wood is wet, any good builder will let that wood dry before enclosing it in sheathing (usually plywood in my part of the country) or siding. This would inhibit the wood’s ability to dry out further, and could indeed cause problems later.

So, what you tend to see is all sorts of contruction going on in all kinds of whether until the framing is done. Then, it’s not at all uncommon for the framed building to sit idle for a day or two before being “buttoned up.”

On the other hand, I live in Charlotte, NC, which is undergoing such a building boom right now, that I doubt any of the builders would think twice about it. As it is, they’ll hire anybody who knows which end of a hammer pulls and which end punches.

Obviously, “contruction” should be “construction.”

I should’ve know this would happen the same day I post in the “Does spelling count” thread. :rolleyes:

As long as the wood doesn’t remain wet for a long time, it’s no big deal. After the framing takes place and the roof and sheathing goes on, there’s usually a fairly prolonged period where the roughing out of plumbing and fixtures takes place. During that time, any wet framing members can dry out. Same deal with the plywood sheathing – it’s rated for exposure to the elements. Too wet for too long and it might warp.