House engulfed in flames.

I hear a loud “POW!” and my windows rattle a bit. My wife shouts “look at this! Should I call 911? I don’t want to call if someone has already called.”

What the hell is she talking about?


Holy shit! Yes! Call 911!

Turns out plenty of other people have already called, because the fire engine pulls up about 90 seconds later and blasts the thing with precisely 7 gajillion gallons of water a minute. The blaze is out pretty quickly, and I shut the camera phone off.

What you don’t see in the video is that the goddamn thing came back to life and burned even more furiously right after the recording stopped. It took about half an hour to knock the blaze down permanently.

The family is shaken, but ok. I overheard someone mention they saw the vehicle catch fire before the house did, which would explain why the garage got the worst of it. That house is about 50 yards away from mine. A neighbor tried in vain to slow the fire down with a garden hose before the fire dept. got there. The heavy pervert breathing noise you hear in the recording is actually the wind, which complicated things a bit. The house to the right of the fire got licked by the flames and we fretted for awhile that it might start burning in earnest, too, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

Glad you’re okay, and the family wasn’t hurt.

You are going to have to return to this thread and let us know what happened, of course.


That, or the low spark of high heeled boys is my guess.


I hate to inform you but your wife may possibily NOT have the firefighter gene.

I wasn’t aware of this rule of etiquette, that ones does not call in an emergency already called in.

In fact, I always thought having multiple calls to 911 act as a confirmation of the first, and in any, they didn’t mind multiple calls on an incident. Definitely preferable to no one calling because they think someone else did.

Sometimes people don’t think straight when their neighbors are blowing up.

It’s amazing how many people drive right next to the fire.

Maybe more units showed up, but there was only the one during the 2" video. In my neighborhood, you would have about six units show up almost simultaneously, which I consider overkill. Also, if you are taking that video from your house, you are way more than 50 yards from the fire. When fire is that well engulfed and the people are clear, the only thing left to do is prevent adjacent structures from burning if possible and somewhat let the thing burn as you cool it down.

That’s a pretty good fire! I’m glad everyone was ok.

No other fire units arrived, but two ambulances did.

The perspective is a bit askew because of the angle and poor quality, but it is indeed as close as I said. There’s only one house and a 1-lane road between me and the burning house. The house wasn’t actually completely engulfed as I said. The burning part is the garage. If you were assuming the entire house was ablaze, it might have made the burning part look smaller and therefore more distant. I can assure you it was quite close!

Possible, but they usually just cause Traffic problems. :wink:

Wow - that’s a little too close for comfort.

Firefighter here: just to confirm… Yes, call when you see fire. even if you see other people calling… the more people call the more information dispatch gets and they can relay that to us… even if it’s just “We’ve received 20 calls”. Also, when you call, stay on the line until dispatch hangs up. they probably will put you on hold, but bear with them. The more info you can provide them, the better off everyone is.

I don’t mean this to be nasty or confrontational Mosier, but if my house burned down it would bother me if one of my neighbors filmed it, posted the video to YouTube, and started a MB thread about it. I realize that I may be the only person that feels that way too.

What, no marshmallows?

Personally, I’d be glad that someone had recorded it so that I could pass the video around to my friends and relatives, and have a record of a pretty significant event in my life. Unless, of course, I’d burned my underwater house down for the insurance money, in which case, damn you for recording potentially incriminating evidence!

I wouldn’t have recorded or posted the video if anyone had asked me not to. I also took precautions not to get anything too personal on the video, like the family who was a few feet away being comforted by their friends and family.