House: Final Season Speculation Thread (spoilers OK)

I like the idea of having House join Doctors Without Borders, and solving cases in the wild. He could keep contact with the team back home via internet to bother them for assistance. It would probably be a lot more expensive than just using the hospital sets, so I doubt it’ll actually happen.

I mentioned this in another thread, but House retiring to become a beekeeper would be a flawless ending.

FUCK NO Skald. I HATE that guy. Messing with House, our House!

Slash fiction.

All together now:

With Gilligan
The Skipper, too!
The millionaire
And his wife.
The movie star,
The Professor and Mary Anne.

May I point out that Tritter’s predictions about House have been proven right on several occasions, and that Cuddy, in particular, would be much better off if she’d never intervened to protect House from his “persecution”?

Because House feels that Amber died because of him while others died despite him.

(sighs, impatiently). There is no indication House is suffering guilt over Amber’s death. He felt bad about it, he even ‘told’ her it should have been him who died in the bus accident, not her. But he didn’t even like Amber, she was taking Wilson away from him, and after her death Wilson was going to quit House, and the hospital. But she’s dead and gone and he and Wilson are friends again. There’s no reason Amber should appear as Death. She just isn’t that important.

So who should appear as Death? (interesting as a debate would be, I think this concept is way too complicated for the writers at this point.)

No, he is not right. House is better off like this, going crazy on occasion but still able to do his job. The sad thing is that the world should conform to him, not the other way around. Cuddy should have given him a supply of pills and let him do what his wants as long as he’s saving people. God I hate Tritter

Stephen Fry, obviously.

Or Rowan Atkinson

:smack: I completely forgot about them! BRILLIANT!!!

no - if they do a ‘death’ scene with House - Wilson will be the person sitting next to him telling him ‘its time’ - you’ll see the ‘lightbulb’ moment just as the screen goes dark followed by the single beeeeeeeeeep.

Didn’t vicodin overload contribute to House’s mental breakdown?

Dammit, now that you said that I know it’s going to happen. Stupid writers love shit like this. :mad:

He is way overdue for an appearance.

A bit.