House: Final Season Speculation Thread (spoilers OK)

The final episode played over a month ago; you’ve had every chance to see it. So spoilers are allowed in this thread.

So… House is on some tropical island; and we know Cuddy won’t be around next year. How would you like the series to end?

Personally, I’d say end it ala Roseanne… meaning completely different than the entire rest of the series; Have House stay on his tropical island and the crew (minus Cuddy) comes to him to try to get him to come back. They basically all stay on the island with a new POTW. I think that’d be a great way to end it.

How would the rest of you like to see the series end? It’s obviously much weaker than in previous seasons. It’s not going to get better by using the same surroundings.

Well, he’s on an island, he burned his bridges with Cuddy and (probably) Plains Princeton hospital - where does he go from here? Back to his old therapist as a condition for Cuddy letting him get within 100 miles of her and her hospital? How does he get back into a hospital setting? An island hospital? Honestly, I don’t know where they go from here.

I can think of several things that would feel right to me, but which have precious little chance of happening.

  1. Wilson joins House wherever he is and they find non-medical ways to keep themselves tied up in knots. One-liner City.

  2. House and 13 get it on!

  3. Taub and Foreman open a free clinic and get local women pregnant every episode.

  4. Chase and a returning Cameron have a reconciliation and leave for some other medical situation.

  5. Episode by episode, all the bad guys from past seasons (David Morse, for example) reappear and get shredded and/or humiliated.

As I say, none of these have any chance of happening.

Cuddy walks out of the shower.
Season 7 was all a dream.

House gets off with some kind of probation.

Cuddy says she can no longer be around House so she resigns.

Wilson takes over running the hospital and this creates tension between House and Wilson as Wilson is now officially responsible for House’s actions. (This also expands Robert Sean Leonard’s role which has been fading away in the show.)

Thirteen has a fling with Chase which creates tension with Foreman because the writers will want an easy way to create some melodrama.

That’s almost plausible, Nemo. Except that Leonard’s role is reduced for this coming season.

Ooh, ooh, Cuddy quits, and FOREMAN takes over running the hospital!

I want more Robert Sean Leonard, not less. Stupid actors getting on with their lives.

I think House ends up killing himself. Or having 13 do it. Perhaps they do it together.

At Reichenbach Falls?

I would not put it past the creators of this show to do something like that :slight_smile:

I really like this idea and agree that the House=Holmes concept may move this to the front of the line for Final Season ideas. Playing it for high comedy could be the gimmick.

Let’s just pray they don’t go all Grey’s Anatomy and sing and dance it!

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy, how would it be for the House team to arrive en masse at Seattle Grace?

Many wonder if House is going to commit suicide (I’ve alway thought the ending should be a shot of House in a darkened room, holding a gun lost in thought, and then we hear Wilson knocking on the door. House, startled, turns his head toward the sound - freeze frame - screen goes dark. Ambiguity!) I don’t think House WOULD off himself, he hates death and has fought it all his life. Ending: House is visited by the personification of Death (Cuddy? if the writers killed off Cuddy, who better to appear as Death?) She says, come with me, end your misery, you have said in the course of your job that humans are all wildebeests, dying on the river bank. Come with me now. And House turns the offer down…speaking of death, I really do hope the next-to-last scene of House shows him, seriously, visiting the bedside of a greatly suffering Thirteen. And, as promised, he puts her out of her misery. Then he can disappear/die/wrestle someone over the edge of the falls.

A better Death would be Amber.

In all seriousness, I’d absolutely love it if the series ended with House dying of lupus.

It’s never lupus! (I agree that that would be good)

He’ll wake up still at the institution - we’ll wonder if he ever left


We’ll see a fading shot of someone pulling the plug on him - saying “he never came out of the coma for that leg operation (or possibly from when he was shot)”

? Why would Amber still be hanging around, post-death? She and House had no particular connection. Why not Kutner, then? Why not some random deceased patient? Why not House’s deceased, abusive, not-his-bio Dad? … oh wait, that one would be a bad sign! Waiting to escort House’s spirit to the hot place.

Just once I want to see American TV producers not be cowards and do something really really dark. I missed the whole Maude abortion thing, I never watched Roseanne, so I want to see House commit suicide.

I think one episode in the last season should be House having a hallucination/vision/supernatural visitor where Death shows up and just debates House for the full hour. It would be similar to the Brian & Stewie episode in Family Guy where the two get trapped in a bank vault the whole episode. House would simply be in some medicated limbo and Death would walk in, sit down, and have a talk with him. That would be the entire episode. They would talk about life and death, the existence of god, what House has done to himself, his motivations, his fears, everything. I think it would put a good capper on the series

How about it…just…doesn’t come back?

Seriously. I can’t think of anything interesting happening from this point foreward. They haven’t handled the post-hospital seasons well, the show has irretrevably jumped the shark, and it’s time to pull an ALF.

I wouldn’t mind them bringing Detective Tritter back as he hunted House down for at least four, possibly five, counts of attempted murder, arresting him, and dragging his ass back to Princeton for trial. The supporting characters can appear when they’re getting off the plane, and Tritter can turn to Wilson, Foreman, and the Jesse Spencer character to say, “See? I warned you years ago that something like this would happen.”