House 5/17

I suspect this is a season finale. Lots of damage; rescue attempts ensue.

It is the finale.

This is the most intense episode of this show I’ve ever seen.

I wish I would have DVRed this. I’m watching it but I’ve missed some stuff, it is intense.

Umm what?!?!?!!?!?!

Shit’s crazy yo.

I was starting to think this episode was great despite it’s predictability but now I am floored a bit. Didn’t think they’d go back to this possibility.

Now I am stoked for next season, to see how this plays out.

Sheesh, what a rollercoaster. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

I’m guessing he’s either hallucinating because of blood loss/trauma/shock, etc., or she’s trying to keep him off the vicodin.

I was on the phone when the episode started.

What was the book, and what was the inscription?

The book was referred to in the last episode. It was an old medical book written by Cuddy’s great-grandfather.

I don’t know what the inscription was.

Googled, TV Guide says this was on the book:

To Lisa and Lucas, Here’s to a new chapter. Best, Greg

Overall, blech. The incredibly cheesy Huddy ending ruined it.

The one FANTASTIC part was House realizing she needed her leg amputated… and she still died anyway. GodDAMN that was amazing. Then they ruined it.

Oh, and Christ, could Cuddy be any more narcissistic? House is fighting against her regarding the amputation because of her and her moving in with another man? It couldn’t be, oh, I dunno, the fact he had his own fucking leg trauma and may be relating to the damned patient. And if it really does need to be all about her, how about the fact that Cuddy was his doctor when his leg got fucked up?


I’m simultaneously pleased and disappointed with how it ended. I think everyone expected that the last scene would be him downing a handful of Vicodin and it’s been building toward that the whole season. So do they give the obvious ending to the season, or do they give the twist? They went with the latter. I guess we’ll just have to see how it plays out next season.

Yes, but I think, looking back from the ending, that she was feeling really guilty about hurting him, and since that was all she could think about, well, you can’t blame her too much. At the same time, I think House wasn’t acting in her best interest because of his leg, and was even more irritated because she was feeling all guilty about Lucas and he was still angry at her for how she treated him when she was his doctor.

Either way, yeah, a pretty messed up situation. I guess they deserve eachother, eh?

A-fucking men. I really REALLY hate this House/Cuddy crap. The last season stumbled a lot pretty much after they tossed this in. I sure as fuck hope that they right this ship because I’ve already stopped watching once and ended up coming back.
Because, you know, I matter and stuff.

I’d be much happier with Cuddy being shot into the sun.

That was an awesome, amazing, unbelievably good return to the glory years of “House.” And then they threw…other stuff in. I don’t hate the relationship stuff with a burning passion, but damn, could you find a worse man to try to partner up with than House? Not if you tried really, really hard.

So…no discussion about what’s wrong with 13? My brother thinks she’s pregnant. I think her Huntington’s just took a turn for the worse. What say you?

Best episode of House in a long time.

And Cuddy was right about House. He was mad at Cuddy and did not want to admit that she was right when she wanted to amputate his leg. House was trying to save the patient’s leg to justify his own decision to save his.

I can’t see 13 being pregnant. If you’re newly preggo, you wouldn’t take a leave of absence. If you were continuing a pregnancy of your own volition, why would you answer “obviously not” when asked if you’re ok?

Huntingtons, maybe. Makes sense, but why a LoA and not a letter of resignation?

My guess is that 13’s contract might not be renewed, so the TV execs stuck that in so that they could gauge viewer reaction.

My guess on the ending is that House is hallucinating all of this but he’s trapped in the rubble.