House 5/17

Was it just me, or did House’s heart grow three sizes that day? He actually (gasp!) bonded with a patient. He actually dug into his soul to convince her to give up her leg.

And then his patient died. And he didn’t know how to handle the pain. He’s not good dealing with pain.

I’m also a tiny skeptical that the ending was real, but if he has a relapse and was hallucinating, it’d be a case of been there, done that. But I’d also be disappointed if it was real, because I’d more more impressed if House looked into the face of his monster and put the vicodin down rather than be saved by Lisa Cuddy. I’m a big fan of people being whole when they enter relationships.

My other thought is that maybe they were making him grow as a person so that they can wrap things next year and have the series can come to a satisfying, neat conclusion. And by that I don’t mean that he and Cuddy walk down the aisle because that would be too cliched.

(And, no, I don’t know anything about when the series will end, but can only hope that Hugh Laurie has enough sense to walk away at the right time.)

It was a great episode – especially all the interaction and resolution of House and the woman. I didn’t mind the ending; it’s not that it was a surprise. It also fit it nicely with the story: House admitting his decision was affected by his own personal demons, and Cutty basically admitting the same thing.

Best episode ever. Everything about it was great. I didn’t even mind the ending because of the look on his face, how all those deep furrows relaxed with just a hint of a smile. I don’t care about Cuddy at all, and can’t help wondering if SHE’S leaving and we’ll see her die some tragic death so he can fall back into his old ways. I wouldn’t mind him softening up a bit though, so maybe a season of slightly softer House wouldn’t be bad.

That wasn’t at all what Cuddy said, though! She said he was mad at Cuddy for moving on from House and loving/going to marry Lucas, not because of any decisions made about his leg. That was why I wanted to smack her through the screen.

Wow - I’m amazed so many people saw this as anything other than the biggest, steamiest pile of crap ever shat out under the title of House. I readily admit that so much of the show’s premise is unbelievable. But when they get to the point htat they have to write in collapsing buildings, it really looks like I missed the ep where Greg jumped his cycle over some sharks. Reminds me of when ER started morphing into disaster-of-the-week.

Won’t even try to start cataloging the bullshit, other than to say if he’s gonna be crawling through rubble to rescue victims only he can hear, why not have him fly or become invisible next.

Another show like this and I’m done.

I was hoping House and Cuddy would become a couple, but not until the last show of the last season. Leave it to the imaginations of the viewers as to how it would work out. That would be a real twist! I suppose, though, the writers have been building up to this forever and can’t wait to show us an awkward, bumpy, maybe doomed relationship next season. Cuddy and House have been in love for ages, after all, I don’t know that their bickering would change that much, they wouldn’t go all goopy and romantic on us (like the crapfest Grey’s Anatomy is).

I can almost hear every Nice Guy who follows the show think, see? SEE? She had a nice guy, Lucas, perfect for her and her child, and she throws him over for The Bad Boy! What’s wrong with women who do that??

Why would 13 be pregnant? Obviously her Huntingtons symptoms are getting worse. When she said “I’m fine, I’m fine” - she had that ‘brave face’ on, you could see it in her eyes that something is wrong. I liked the concern Taub showed, too, that was a nice touch.

Did they show her hand shaking as she deposited the envelope on House’s desk? I didn’t notice; have to go back and look. Also, a lot of people have remarked that House left his cane behind when he left the construction site, and it didn’t seem to be by accident.

Maybe Lucas will take Rachel with him. Bye-bye! I did like Lucas; I just didn’t like him with Cuddy. Maybe he’ll hang around like ptomaine.

I don’t think it’s a hallucination–if it was, it would be a cheap repeat of what happened last season, and I don’t think they’d do that.

Ditto having him go back on Vicodin. The character has got to grow, and going back on Vicodin just so he can put his friends (and himself) through the same crap all over again would suck. It wouldn’t be fun to watch the second time.

As for House and Cuddy–as much as I love this show, I think last night’s episode would have been a great series finale. They’ve been building up the H/C sexual tension and mutual attraction since Season 1, but there’s always been something in the way (usually House himself). Anybody who’s been watching from the beginning could see that it was inevitable they’d do it at some point (similar to Niles and Daphne in Frasier.) How you feel about it is another matter–but it was going to happen.

I’ll be interested to see what the writers do next season–a happy House won’t be fun, so clearly he and Cuddy are in for some rocky times. If they do live happily ever after, I hope they end the series on a high note. It would be nice for him to be happy, but I don’t think we need to see it.

That was a fantastic episode, though. I don’t think I ever teared up in a House ep before, but I did last night. I was literally pleading with the TV, “No, don’t let her die!”

I dunno, they’ve been astoundingly accurate thus far in their depiction of the patterns of addiction. An addict who drinks again will almost always relapse on their drug of choice. It’s very rare that they manage to drink without also using.

Oh, I didn’t say that. I agree that it would probably be realistic. But how interesting would it be for the viewer to watch him go through the same thing again, have his friends go through the same thing again…it just seems like they’d be retreading old ground.

If Cuddy hadn’t walked in on him, he might have been able to hide it for a while. Before he was very open about his addiction, popping pills left and right in front of whoever he happened to be talking to. It might’ve been interesting to see how he kept it under wraps for a while.

Yeah, but the friends have moved on and grown. I think I might like to see Wilson shake his head in disgust and walk away from House’s newer antics.

It’d be especially interesting if the guy from the psych ward was never really there.

Did I mention that I got interrupted while watching the episode? I’m mostly responding to what you guys have said, so if I’m way off just chuckle quietly to yourselves. . .

I think the engagement made him more mad with Cuddy at the moment and less willing to admit Cuddy was right about the patient.

I was pretty much bawling - with the husband with her as she died, and House staring at her, and her staring back, then all of them just sitting there when Foreman opened the ambulance…actually, I think I started tearing up when they showed the outside of the pile of rubble, and everyone is looking at each other as Hannah is shrieking as they cut her leg off.

Now we know why House stays away from patients. :slight_smile:

House’s interaction with the doomed woman was the best part of the ep.

This episode affected me enough that it influenced my dreams last night, oddly, so, pretty powerful.

The catastrophic/claustrophobic aspects to give House and Cuddy terms to reach their denoument worked here, to my mind. House went into a crap space on an inkling that there was someone there to save, and became invested in saving her. As she became focused on him as the one to save her. He denied it at first, but then stepped up in the role of her physician, as one who cares throughout for the person he’s treating, by necessary emergency.

Earlier, Cuddy was ready to do the amputation; after persuading Hannah, House did it, with graphic saw blade and screaming. I think that Cuddy viewed all that as incredible commitment as a physician, and it made her rethink her thoughts of House. I don’t know where that will go, but, both were in tired duress, going through what best trained for, so, even if it’s a brief thing, good joy there. Whatever, look forward to the writers and actors making new twists; pretty smart folks there.

And, I have no idea what the book that House gave Cuddy was other than that is was by an illustrious forebear of hers. But it was old, and that means her Grandwhatever was a physician of note. By giving that, House is recognizing that.

The book was old, probably valuable, written by her great-grandfather (?) - House had inscribed it, to her and Lucas, as a housewarming present. Before he knew they were engaged.

It was one of the books that the mental patient pawned last week - something about anatomy or something. He had to do…questionable things to get it back since it had been sold already to someone who wouldn’t sell it back to House.

While I don’t think this was the worst episode to-date, I didn’t like it either. I immediately thought of ER and other shows/movies that did these types of extra-manufactured drama, like Signs and Homicide. If an episode like this grabs you, great, but if it doesn’t, it’s interminable.

I liked the ending though and I don’t really care that much about the personal stuff.

I think 13 is sick and that they haven’t decided if she’s coming back next season so they’re leaving it open-ended.

I don’t know if I read it here or elsewhere, but someone had said someone was going to die. I hate spoilers because I sat there the whole time wondering who it was going to be, only to have it be the POTW. While technically true, she’s not a cast member.