House 5/12

House is knocked for a loop in a bus accident and, as his memory slowly returns, he realizes that a fellow passenger was seriously ill.

Tonight at 8 pm for me. (I missed all of 2 weeks ago and half of last week’s due to the time difference). I’m ready!

Tonight’s episode is part 1 of the 2-part season finale.

Gah. A week is forever these days. This ain’t Who Shot JR anymore. Why couldn’t they just do a two-hour show?

It’s a 2 parter? Can’t they just play both parts??!!
…like number 13…

Speaking of 13, I’m reallllllllly hoping that since House will be dreaming/hallucinating, maybe we can get a Cuddy/13 makeout session…

prepares bunk

I assume they are stretching it out in order to take full advantage of May being a ratings sweeps month.


Dance, Woman!!!

The final bus scene had me holding my breath. I haven’t felt that kind of suspense in a while.

The second we saw dream-lady’s necklace it became clear, it got annoying how long it took him to realize it was amber. But, then, I have several pieces of amber jewelry myself.

Geez that was brutal, though.

I knew it was Amber when he had the dream and she was in his living room. I’m thinking, Elysium, he was in denial…his first answer to her when she asked what her necklace was made of was “resin.” He knew, his brain just wasn’t ready to process it yet.

Poor Lisa Edelstein. That must have been an uncomfortable scene to film.

That said, we don’t know why House was drinking at 5 in the afternoon. I’ll bet Amber found him and got him on the bus to take him home.

But yikes…that was a confusing, interesting, fascinating episode. I kept expecting the entire thing to be a dream. When Cuddy kept telling him to go home and sleep I thought that was a clue something was off…you don’t tell a patient with a fractured skull to go sleep, do you?

Much much better than the kidnapped soap opera star of last week.

So (spoiler space, just in case):

was the piece of metal in her leg from House’s cane, or from a part of the bus?

Ooooh, Archergal, I didn’t think of that!

I’m thinking bus.

I’m pretty sure it was part of a bus pole, since House usually has a wooden cane.

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Sacrifices must be made.
At any rate, WOW! Such a fantastic episode. The pacing was incredible, between slow and strange and intense and … strange. It seemed to last longer than a hour.

And I usually try to stay away from overthinking things - intentionally - when I watch TV and film. It helps suspension of disbelief and staying involved. Thus, I was really frikkin’ surprised by the Amber revelation. When Nobody WOman asked, “What’s my necklace made of,” I of course thought “amber” but as she’s mostly been called CB or some other dirivation though most of the season, I didn’t bother making the connection.

Bloody brilliant. Super show.

That makes a lot of sense. He’s already in denial that he has some feelings for her. I side with Wilson on that.

It was definitely

a part of the bus. We saw his cane go flying earlier and the piece in her leg looked exactly like one of the steel bars that you use to hang on to. Of course, the first thing one thinks is, crap, femoral artery.

The scene with Linda Edelstein seemed so awkward to me as well. She’s a gorgeous lady, but I think after you hit a certain age the whole pole dance routine just seems silly. She’s far sexier in that suit.

Poor Wilson. Robert Sean Leonard always makes me cry, so this wouldn’t be the first time.

When House went “Rambo” into the pile of passenger clothes I lost it.

I’m confused…there were 31 passengers on the bus. If all of them went to House’s hospital, how come no one there recognized CTB when she was brought in? And if she wasn’t taken to House’s hospital, how does he have the chart for “Jane Doe #2?”

Excusing my joking above this was a brilliant, intense episode. I don’t know what I’m going to do after next week…maybe I’ll start watching Season 1 again.

I also made the connection pretty quickly but then I don’t have a skull fracture.

  1. Jane Doe #2 was taken to another hospital. That was established early.
  2. They didn’t have a chart for her: what they showed was one of the name sheets that everyone in the hospital wore for the re-creation of the accident.

Interesting episode, if a little strange.

But they had the description of her, approximate age, birthmark, etc. Would they normally get that info from the other hospital (Princeton General)?

How did 13 know that Jane Doe #2 has a birthmark on her shoulder and her age?