House 11/27

The candidates must deal with a washed-out rock star who engaged in civil disobedience back in the day, did lots of drugs, and is now a most uncooperative patient.

Come on, House. Break out the flying V!!!

…more Wilson please.

Seconded. More Wilson!

See, House is the silver lining for me tonight. I have a club-meeting that will culminate in some fun drinking, but since I’m sick, I can’t go. But House is on, so the scene is set for a Hugh Laurie-fix. :smiley:

Yippee!!! #13 stays after all. Episode was more of a drama episode than anything. I’m glad CTB got dumped. I didn’t like her.

Wait…so do we get #13 AND Kumar and the plastic surgeon? Or do one of the men have to go?

Okay, I didn’t see through House’s ploy to get a fourth spot so after he fired both girls I thought the show was going to turn into a sausage fest (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Glad that 13 gets to stay after all, hopefully she will not become as annoyingly empathetic as Cameron used to be.

So Cuddy told him to hire the two guys because she actually wanted him to hire the two girls?

That’s what Cuddy said.

I figured they couldn’t really fire thirteen until we learned what her name and background was. That was a mystery throughout, and you can’t leave a plot thread like that hanging.

I guess spoilers have been broken then?

Amusing that Cuddy was so blatant about [del]casting[/del] wanting a woman on the team. I’m actually surprised that Taub & Kutner both made it in, but I guess I understand picking Taub over Amber/CutThroatBitch.

I feel sorry for Amber though.

Also, I’m annoyed that now there’s a* third* tier of three characters one of whom is the token female, not to mention that 13 has the same sort of personality as Cameron. I guess this lets plots get used that were written around Cameron before she hooked up with Chase/left House’s team.

Don’t get me wrong, I like 13, it’s just gone cliche.

What was House’s logic in getting the non-cancer patient to sue Wilson? If he sucessfully sued Wilson, Wilson would have MORE money to lend to House? I don’t get it.

The non-cancer patient doesn’t have a a good lawsuit; if he sues he will almost certainly lose. So House doesn’t want the guy to accept Wilson’s 6 grand; he wants him to sue instead. It’s Wilson giving the money away that leaves less for him to lend to House.

I’m really, really disliking House these days. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to stick with it.

Okay, got it. I think it’s the 6 grand that muddled my thinking. That’s not a lot of money in doctor-land, so it didn’t quite make sense to me.

I think it was the principle of the thing-- House wanted Wilson to realize that the non-cancer patient was just a boring jerk who was actually more angry that he was losing his exciting status as a terminal cancer patient than he was that he was misdiagnosed and thought he dying for 3 months. Why feel guilty and pay off a guy like that, was House’s rationale, when you could be spending your $6,000 on me? House keeps wanting Wilson to smarten up and ditch his idealism about human nature, and stop thinking he can cure everyone’s pain, since some people are just assholes. By way of demonstration, House is modeling this behavior daily for Wilson’s edification :wink:

I liked Rubystreak’s explanation of the House/Wilson fundamental opposition.

I was glad they kept 13 in the end. Didn’t care much for CTB. I was a bit surprised they kept Taub, though.

I really liked how House played Cuddy. Reminds me of the poker episode* wrt how he plays people like a fiddle.

*Best episode of the series, IMO

If the guy sues Wilson, it’s the hospital or insurance that picks up the tab; that’s the impression that I got.

What a rotten episode, and after two pretty good ones. The best thing was Cuddy’s “Am I blushing?”

I’ll miss CTB, but her acting was really bad in this episode. I didn’t buy her long scene with House at all. She’s better when they show her in quick, conniving moments.

It kinda worked with her character though. Kinda like a “I’m being sincere, but not really because I’m a cutthroat bitch” way.

I think CTB played her charactor perfectly. Sort of lost childhood, something bad from uncle buck little rich bitch I know everything was played beautifully.

What I like best is that the damn contest is **finally **over! At least I hope it is, but would not be surprised if they somehow bring some of the characters back.

And I certainly hope the original three ducklings will be catapulted into space or otherwise disposed of. I am thoroughly sick of all of 'em.

I thought the episode just ok. Still don’t get the point of having Foreman around at all. I hope the writers have something major up their sleeves for the second half of the season. Still have lots of love for House, for Wilson, and the medical mysteries in general.

I thought the patient this week was more interesting than most. At the end, when Amber tells the patient she’s trying not to care, he says “It’s hard, isn’t it.” Excellent - summed him and his actions up in just one line.

Most implausible thing this week: Cuddy suddenly wants gender equity after allowing House to call a doctor a bitch, not to mention all his other piggish behaviors.