House 11/09/09 "Known Unknowns"

Yay, House returns tonight. All new episode. Lucas Douglas, P.I., is back! :slight_smile:

The doctor is (back) in!

Our dvr cut off the last 30 seconds :mad: Can anyone summarize the last bit?

I was channel surfing and saw House in a powdered wig while 1980’s music was playing. I have to assume I missed the part where they played Walking on Broken Glass.

They did play it, right? I mean, under the circumstances, it’s practically mandatory.

I only started watching House last year. Who was that guy Lucas? He’s a detective? Who’d he investigate?

I believe he investigated Wilson, right?

It took me a while to realize who he was. And I hated him back then and so him coming back was just like “REALLY?”
Now I understand how the 13haters feel.

Chase finally confesses to Cameron that he killed his patient. She doesn’t actually say anything but the withdrawal of her hand from his speaks volumes.

BTW I loved the shoutout to Prinny from Blackadder at the costume party!

This episode seemed kind of meh to me.

I haven’t ever seen anything in Wilson that indicated to me that he would have the courage/recklessness to ruin his career by presenting that paper on euthanasia. And anyway, didn’t House steal another doctor’s conference badge at the check-in table? So if House is masquarading as that doctor, wouldn’t that doctor now be in hot water?

House hadn;t been to a conference in 15 years, so feels he wouldn’t be recognized, the Dr whose badge he borrowed was in canada for the weekend and therefore has an airtight alibi.

The point of this episode isn’t wether or not Wilson would’ve given the speech, it was House’s actions - for his friend - and his telling Wilson what only a friend could do - shows that House is growing.

Now, Pick up the cellphone and give me a dramatic exit…

That doctor would have an alibi of being somewhere else. House was also confident that no one would recognize him (said during the last bit with House and Wilson walking off the deck). So basically, it got said with no one to suffer the consequences.

I liked the PI because he was able to deal with House on a game-playing level while not being his antagonist (Like David Prowse or Chi McBride) I can’t remember his last scene (before this ep), but wasn’t he hitting on Cuddy kinda successfully back then?

Wilson has been seen recently talking to his dead girlfriend, too. He’s been an oncologist for a while, but mortality is kind of catching up with him. He’s not in such a good way. He needs the preoccupation of keeping House on the straight and narrow. Wilson is not all that healthy himself.

I don’t recall the guy who played Darth Vader being on House, do you mean David Morse? I like Morse but I hated that character. He was a bigger dick than House and his motivation just seemed to be being a bigger dick than House. I found that story arc painful to watch and was so glad it was over. Mcbride’s character wasn’t much better. I don’t think having characters whose sole purpose is to outdick House is a good idea.

I hope it’s okay to say “dick” in this forum.

No, James Earl Jones was in Episode 3 of this season, called “The Tyrant.” He played a Mugabe-like dictator of a fictitious African country. The team decides on a diagnosis for him, but he dies because Chase got some blood from another patient and switched samples, causing an incorrect diagnosis. Foreman learns of this and destroys the records that show Chase had access to the blood, thereby incriminating himself too. House also knows, and at the end of last night’s episode, a guilt-ridden Chase confessed to Cameron.

Very observant! I figured he was doing an (18) 80s outfit but had forgotten the Lennox connection.

OK, there were two actors who collectively played Darth Vader. FlightlessBird apparently mistook David Prowse (the actor in the Vader costume) for David Morse, who played the detective that House left with the thermometer sticking out of his bum, Tritter. And of course, James Earl Jones, the man behind the voice, was on this season as the dictator, Dibala.

Argh!!! Just a brain-fart. Prowse should be Morse and FlightlessBird should be MindlessBird.

The costume was similar to the one he wore as the Prince Regent in Blackadder III. That’s certainly the connection that most Laurie fans are making.

My thoughts exactly!

Did we ever know before this episode that House and Cuddy knew each other back in Med school, and there was an unrequited romantic history between them from back then? I thought all this sexual tension was from their recent time together.

Also, re: the detective - there was a moment in the diner scene where Wilson did a double-take. I thought he was going to figure out that Cuddy hired the detective to make House think she was seeing him. Guess not.

(And for you Six Feet Under fans, the detective is the actor that played the hitchhiker that terrorized David. It’s hard for me to find him a sympathetic character)

That outfit was much more 1780s than 1880s