House 11/16 Teamwork Open spoilers

Best line: “I just need a good friend! [phony sobbing]” --House

House still pines for Cuddy and manages to get Taub and 13 back into the clinic, but Cameron leaves it and Chase as well–mostly debris from the Dibala fallout, though there is more to it.

I have to say that I usually like House (the character) even when he’s callous or shows a certain reckless disregard for propriety or niceties. But last night, he seemed to be running roughshod over everyone in a way that really turned me off. I still don’t think Cameron was right about him “poisoning” Chase’s character and values–she was always a little too knee-jerk judgy–but that didn’t change the fact that with Cuddy, Wilson, and the others, he seemed to be a bigger prick than usual.

House has his license back and treats a porn star. Cameron and Chase’s marriage is on the rocks. Taub and Thirteen return. Cameron accuses House of ruining Chase so he no longer respects the sanctity of human life. Cuddy tries to make a go of her relationship with Lucas.

I’m sad to see Chase and Cameron’s marriage breaking up so soon. But Chase’s admission that he’d still have killed Dibala if he had the chance to do it again pretty much showed he wasn’t sorry for it. He apparently bought into the Star Trek mantra that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few - or the one.” I’ll hate to see Jennifer Morrison leave the show. I don’t have any hate for Thirteen, but she’s no Cameron.

Also, did House really reach a diagnois, but stalled on the treatment as a means to lure Taub and Thirteen back as Cameron accused him of doing? Even for House, that’s pretty assholish behavior and kind of proves Cameron’s point.

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I didn’t quite understand what was going on last night (partly because I was playing darts at the same time) - it seemed like House was going out of his way to make everyone else miserable because HE is miserable. That doesn’t really seem like growth.

ETA: Also, Cameron loved him? Hah! He was right! Are we supposed to feel that Cameron is a good person, doing good things for good reasons? I’m not getting that from her - she is possibly the most twisted of all of them because she’s the least self-aware, which House always seemed to recognize.

He’s not crazy anymore (ie, isn’t addicted to vicodin), but he’s still a self-centered jack ass. He knew what the guy’s affliction was relatively early (as indicated from his discussion with Cameron) and was deliberately playing everyone against them. He realized that all of them loved the work that they did with him, but each of them had reasons not to be there. So he wasn’t so much trying to make them miserable as he was trying to make the job look good while making their alternative reason look bad.

In the case of Chase and Cameron, he sure as hell doesn’t think marriage is sacrosanct, even less in their case because, he really was right about why they were leaving and that the marriage probably was in a lot of trouble. Thus, if he broke up the marriage, neither would have a reason to leave.

In the case of Taub, he managed to convince him that he actually loved his wife more by working for him because he needed that challenge and excitement, which was why he was cheating on her before. Thus, he showed him how unfulfilling his current job was.

As for 13, I’m not as sure what he was doing. Her problem was Foreman, and Foreman did his part by himself. So I guess he was just trying to play up the good parts of the job, assuming that, since Foreman wasn’t in charge anymore, that that would mostly take care of itself.

I do agree that he seemed a bit worse than usual, but from his perspective, he was trying to get who he wanted, and he was doing it by pushing them toward something they wanted anyway and taking away the negatives. He wasn’t breaking up a marriage and encouraging a man to not make his life happy; he was ending a ticking time bomb of a marriage before it blew up and helping a guy love his wife more.

I think the point is that she thought she loved him and realized that she didn’t because she was attracted to him because he was broken. Thus, when she actually did love Chase and found out that he too was broken, she put two and two together and I guess decided that it was ultimately the same for both of them and that’s why she ultimately needed to leave Chase.

I agree that she’s probably the most twisted because she’s so unaware; she has all of these convictions but seems to apply them wantonly and in a way that hurts people around her. I think, if she hadn’t said to Dibala’s lackey what she did and been confronted by him in from of Chase and not had the courage to follow through, Chase never would had to kill him. Even worse, she mistook her lack of conviction as a copout to decide that all life was sacred… another case of a lack of self-awareness. And her leaving chase is a similar example where she was sure she loved Chase and they could get through it, but after being forced to actually act on it by House, she didn’t have the courage to follow through and copped out. So while Chase may be a murderer, but at least he has the balls to stick to his convictions when he said he would do it again. So really, it looks like their marriage falling apart is at least as much her fault because of that inconsistency, lack of self-awareness, and lack of conviction.

Unfortunately, her confrontation with House at the end was ruined for me since I’d already read that she was leaving the show mid-season, so once House mentioned that there were 3 openings and 4 candidates, I knew immediately that House would successfully break their marriage up, Chase would stay, and she would leave.

So, regarding the patient of the week, I’m having a little trouble following his ailment and the treatment. Here is what I think I gleaned from the episode (IANAD, obvioulsy).

  1. Patient’s immune system never developed properly since he was raised in a sterile environment.
  2. He inadvertently contracted worms, which were forcing his immune system to work.
  3. When the worms were removed, his immune system reverted to its earlier non-working state.
  4. To rectify this, they gave him more worms.

Is this about right? It seems kind of…odd. More odd than usual. Couldn’t there be another way to jump start his immune system, other than giving him more parasites? Will he have to be infested with worms for the rest of his life? That can’t be healthy, can it?

In earlier threads on this show, references have been made to a site that provides a medical “reality check” on each episode. Does anyone have a link to that site?

Yes, very strange to me as well. Wouldn’t that put him right back where he was before they admitted him?

The website is Polite Dissent

Do you suppose that he was actually doing these things with altruistic motives in mind, or they just sort of worked out that way (mostly from people doing what they wanted to do and rationalizing it)?

I’ve always thought Chase was too good for her, in spite of his hair.

I wouldn’t miss Cameron, if she really is gone. Self-righteous bitch. And I’m glad to see that House is still capable of being an iron-clad prick, even without chemicals.

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:smiley: This made me laugh. And I agree.

To me, the best one was House’s Fonzie imitation. “I was wrrrr… I was wrrrr…”

As for hair, Cameron has never looked right to me as a blonde. Good riddance for being a whiner and having the wrong hair.

I’m not sorry she’s gone, she’s a tiresome bitch and that “I love House because he’s broken and I want to fix him” shit has been run into the ground countless times in the past. Chase is too good for her, and if she wants to throw it all away, might as well get it over with instead of dragging out the angst. (And Chase shouldn’t be surprised by any of this, he knew what she was like for years and years before that doomed wedding.) I’m glad he’s staying…But, you know: I watch Mad Men and think, I wish just once some woman that Don hits on would tell him that she wasn’t interested, get lost? I watch House and am starting to think, I wish just once his ‘team’ would exert some self-determination and not be manipulated by House. They should be aware of his propensity for mind games by now! They all had a chance to go about their own lives last night. (I suppose House had to scheme and manipulate to get his team back or there’d be no co-stars except Wilson and Cuddy. But still!)

And Cuddy, Baby Cuddy, and Lucas - is this a good thing or not? Is this really going anywhere?

There goes 1/3 rd of the eye candy.

Did you see Taub’s wife? I’m a woman and I was all “look at the melons on her!”

Jolene Blalock as the porn star’s wife-who-was-also-a-porn-star was too dowdy. Nothing like the T’Pol we all know from Enterprise.

Well, I thought of it as the Patient has basically a HYPERImmune system, not a deficient one. So in a sterile environment, his immune system will basically attack himself (The Crohn’s disease fits that perfectly).

However, because of the worms, they’re basically shifting his immune system over and fighting off the worms.

A bit of Immunology background simplified: You’ve got T cells and B cells. Your T cells come in many types. The key players in this dance are CTLs (Cytotoxic Tcells) Th1 (T-helper 1), Th2 (T helper 2 cells), and you have Tregs (Regulatory T cells).

Basically, in a hypersensitivity reaction- where the body attacks itself you have overproduction of CTLs , and Th1 cells. Basically, these are the guys that will attack bacterial infections and viral infections and these guys are also the main players in causing inflammation, shock, and any of those hypersensitivity reaction problems (the body attacking itself).
Th2 cells are normally suppressed in those cases, as the body wants to make MORE Th1’s to back up it’s Cytotoxic (“cell killing”) cells.

Now, the Worms:
The worms are a parasitic infection. Now Th1 cells are great vs. bacteria and such things, but when there’s a Parasitic infection- the body has specialized cells and molecules for dealing which such things. And the guy in charge of that? The Th2 cells.
So in a parasitic infection, the number of Th2 cells would increase, and releases anti-parasitic cytokines, and basically try to fight off the invasion. Now, Th1 and Th2 kinda work in equilibrium- when one is high, the other is low, this is because one suppresses the other with it’s molecules.

So when his body has parasites, he’s trying to fight them off: Increase in Th2 cells.
Increased Th2 cells= Decreased Th1 cells (the cells that wanna attack the self).

So as long as he’s got a Parasitic infection, his body is in a “shifted” state. He’s not producing more Th1 cells and he’s not building up the part of his immune system that’s likely to attack him because his Th2 cells are SUPRESSING his Th1 cells. And therefore he’s fine.
Take AWAY the parasite- that means his body goes to its “normal” state- basically an over production of Th1 (nothing’s suppressing it now that the Th2 levels are low). So now increased Th1s and CTLs= it goes crazy and basically attacks his own body, the Crohn’s manifests, and he’s got an autoimmune disorder.

Really complicated sounding, but not really after a while. It was kinda interesting to see someone actually use that lil’ tidbit of immunology so well.

So it’s not that he doesn’t have an immune system, it’s that he’s got an autoimmune disorder, one that’s attacking himself.

Thanks! From that link:

Stranger than fiction!

On edit: Thanks to ToeJam as well!

No, because it can’t really ever be over between Cuddy and House. That would remove a major plot line from the show.

The important thing is that Lucas is onto Chase. He’s got that little mystery practically solved already. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays this knowledge, and the repercussions.

Lucas might be the most likable character that they’ve ever had on the show. He can’t possibly last.