House 11/16 Teamwork Open spoilers

I hated Lucas from his very introduction- Him and his creepy doll eyes.
He was a funny character, but I just couldn’t stand him because of his looks. So glad when he left. And now i’m stuck with him again!

I don’t know; wasn’t he the one who terrorized David Fisher for a whole day in an episode of Six Feet Under? A powerful episode, and how I’ll always think of him.

Lucas is really a slightly softer version of House. Also uncanny in his observations, able to manipulate, but not in so callous a fashion, and has no concept that his phrasing and explanations can be embarassing and/or hurtful. But Lucas seems to actually be sorry when these things are pointed out, House doesn’t care at all and even seems to deliberately say things in such a way as to make people uncomfortable to the extreme. So I think Cuddy is trying to have House in a slightly milder, more manageable form. She is standing up to House much better and calling his bluff much more often.

I think House is the type who enjoys the challenge of wanting someone or something he can’t have (ex-wife, Cuddy, old team) and the actual skills it takes to accomplish the “impossible” is quite rewarding to him. However, once he has what he couldn’t have the challenge is gone and he doesn’t want it anymore. Example of ex-wife and to some degree members of the team (firing Chase then getting him to come back, and Forman leaving then luring him back).
So, I predict that if he indeed does succeed in breaking up Lucas and Cuddy he will no longer be interested.

Concerning POW, if the worms were keeping his Chron’s in check, why did he have symptoms to start with? What caused the upset of the equilibrium?

Stacy was his ex-girlfriend, not his ex-wife.

I think you’re wrong. She used her status as wife to authorize the operation on his leg that he had refused.

They were boyfriend-girlfriend, but he was in the medically induced coma, and he had given her power of attorney over his medical decisions.

Wendell Wagner and Captain Amazing are both definitely correct. Stacy and House never married.

running piglet cheese, just look it up. You can find it on Wikipedia or on any website about House.

Sorry guys. I stand humbly corrected.

No, I don’t think he was doing those things motivated by altruism, I think his motives were purely selfish. The way I look at his character is that he is extremely, shall we call it, “morally flexible”. I think he decides what he wants and then finds a way to justify it.

He said he wanted them back because he knew they were good doctors. In addition to that, we also know that he doesn’t like unfamiliar situations, which hiring other people would mean. However, when he was talking to Wilson, he mentioned that he thought they all really wanted to work for him anyway. It’s sort of a post-hoc reasoning in justifying his dickish and selfish behavior.

To explain what I think his thought process is in a simpler way, it would be like he sees a woman with a donut and he decides he wants it. So he goes up to her and perhaps makes some not-so-subtle comments that make her feel fat knowing that, if she feels fat, she’ll not want to eat it. She gets offended and thinks he’s a dick, but also doesn’t want to eat the donut. He then post-hoc justifies it by thinking that she really didn’t want to eat it anyway because she was self-conscious about her weight, so he was really just doing her a favor.

Isn’t she a natural blonde? As I remember hearing, she originally dyed her hair burnette because she thought it would help her look a little bit more believable for the role because she was so young.

Yes, it’s been discussed many a time that Jennifer Morrison is a natural blonde. But that doesn’t mean Cameron isn’t 100% more ravishing as a brunette. And as a blonde, the immunologist managed to blow an auto-immune diagnosis. Apparently one that even Taub and Thirteen could diagnose over a fax.

House’s brilliant plan was supposed to be that he kept the solution secret because he wanted to entice Taub and Thirteen. But how did he know Cameron, Chase and Foreman wouldn’t come up with the answer? Seems a little convenient to me.

He’s worked with them long enough to know that they NEVER come up with the answer.

Goddamned Thirteen is back. I threw something at the TV and scared the dog when I saw her name in the opening.