House - How medically accurate?


Having just sat through another thoroughly enjoyable yet apparently far-fetched episode of House, I got to wondering just how accurate is the medcine depicted. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s just entertainment, but do doctors and the like sit there groaning during the show, or do they nod knowingly?



This was addressed recently.
House is to real medicine as the game Operation™ is to real surgery.

Ahh, you must have sat through last night’s rerun episode in which House

goads the dying guy’s father into punching him so House would have an excuse to smack in the stomach with his cane, thereby rupturing the parasite cysts attached to his liver so as to prove to him House was right. :dubious:


The far-outted-ness of House is a trivial point to me-I just love the characters and solving the mystery within 60 minutes, give or take a special two episode story arch here and there. House has more personality and watchability in his cane than the whole current cast of ER.

I saw that one. It was my first House. I am usually all one for saying: If you wanted reality what were you doing watching TV? But for some reason this bothered me. I’m not sure I’ll watch again.

In my unqualified opinion House is to real medicine is what Sherlock Holmes is to your neighborhood police detective.

I find it funny how one place gets the most insane sickness’ every week. lol

Remind me never to move there…

for real. lol

Here’s a website/blog where a doctor (or at least I assume it’s a doctor) goes over pretty much every episode and gives a medical breakdown on everything.

I’ve mentioned this before, but the lab scenes make me roll my eyes. They have some authentic equipment in the lab there, but that’s about it. Time and sample requirements for lab tests are infinitely flexible depending on the plot needs, and if I hear them talking about “running gels” like that’s some sort of actual test, I may punch someone. But by far the most laughable idea is that the doctors themselves run down to the lab to run their own tests. HAHAHAHA!!!

I know, it’d be like going to a dinner party with Angela Lansbury. Someone’s going down, and not in the good way. Although with Angela, is there a good way?

I’ve watched a couple of episodes. My response is usually :rolleyes: :dubious: :smack:

It’s entertaining, but it has no basis in any kind of reality.

Right, and they also run the MRIs, etc themselves. There must be a huge shortage of staff at that hospital!

I have a lot of net videos of Hugh, and he mentioned the cane use. I asked my Nurse Practioner mother, and she confirmed that you’re supposed to use the cane on the opposite side of the injured leg. Hugh says that now that he knows that, House is doing it just to be obstinate.

You use the cane on the opposite side if the problem is with the hip, same side if the problem is with the knee.