House of Cards, Season 2

So, who else is eagerly awaiting the second season of House of Cards?


Me! I hate Frances so much. I hate his wife so much. I am completely enthralled by the show and by the total bad-assery of Frances and how evil and Machiavellian he is.

We’re re-watching the first season in anticipation of season 2. We probably won’t be able to start the new season till some time next week. Can’t wait!!

This is based on the UK ‘House of Cards’ series, correct?

In which case you should be in for a treat, since:

  • Season 2 was jolly good over here
  • there’s a spiffing* Season 3 as well :cool:

*spiffing means jolly good :wink:

Season 2 in the UK featured the Monarchy, so there will be some rewriting needed for the US

You need to see the British original, Francis Urquhart makes Frank Underwood look like a pussycat.

You might say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment. :wink:

Our Season 1 didn’t quite end the same way as your Season 1. For example:

The reporter he’s screwing is still alive.

Exactly, a pussycat.

I’ve seen the first episode; I get that now. :slight_smile:

The cufflinks said it all :slight_smile:

I see Netflix is available in the Netherlands now. Worth signing up for.

Keyser Soze for President!*
*Brought to you by the Committee to Elect Keyser Soze President, Viewers Like You and The Usual Suspects.

Just saw episode 1…or 14. Whichever.

Ya, for me, that was like Ned Stark level shock right there.


That was one of the best-delivered, most chilling lines I have ever heard - “Jesus.”

About that…

He takes care of that problem in the first episode of this season.

We watched the first four of Season Two today - wow, moving along at a good clip with lots of little surprises along the way!

I just got through episode 11.

That first episode - wow. Ned Stark - level shock, indeed.

In ep. 11, I don’t buy the thing with Meecham, Claire, and Frank.

My understanding is that the author chose the initials just to get in all the headlines and other blatant F-U jokes, and they work even better in the films. I think that’s the first time it’s been used in the American version.

But boy…

I’m sure I was with every other viewer wondering what happened to the snarky asides. Saving it for that final evil sucker-punch was hilariously maddeningly brilliant.

I cannot wait to see it. I know it’s already out on Netflix. But I’m all wrapped up in the goddamn Olympics.

Having watched the British series 1, I was a bit spoiled. As soon as she entered a subway station, and there was that ominous high-tension drumming, I figured she was going to hit the tracks.On the other hand, my husband was totally unspoiled and still was not surprised.

I adored “Did you think I’d forgotten you?”

Also, I felt pleasantly suckered by Claire’s actions. Did not see that coming!

Oh, I do. Just the way they’d cement their hold over him.

Watched 1-11 Friday, last two eps last night – lordy, lordy, lordy.