"House of Carters" - Who are these tools?

This is supposedly some reality show & these two brothers are being complete assholes to each other in the way only brothers can. Who are these “Carters”? Why should we care about them?

Didn’t one of them date Paris Hilton? if so, somebody has too low of standards.

Washed up music artists desperate for publicity. Unless Nick and/or Aaron turn out to be secret nudists I ain’t watching.

Hey, don’t dis the Carter Brothers. Despite my user name,I just happen to be one.


Just in case the OP is asking a serious question and I’m not being whooshed; Nick Carter’s claim to fame is that he was (is?) in the Backstreet Boys. Aaron Carter became famous for being Nick’s brother although he did enjoy some musical success on his own. He also dated and cheated on Hillary Duff.

I think they both did. Nick first, Aaron second.

In the promo picture, Aaron is the one with his head slightly bowed, his hand pressed to his temple in the “I want to shoot myself” fake-gun pose.

So he’s, like, SENSITIVE and TROUBLED or something.

FWIW, I don’t really watch it, but the folks on Television Without Pity, cynics all, have said that this show has made them LIKE and FEEL SORRY for Nick Carter.

So it’s quite a TV accomplishment nevertheless.

Why is it that none of these celebrities that have reality shows ever housetrain their pets?

This is the third one that I’ve watched where the pets crap all over.

That just sounds like a quiet night in for Paris.

Aaron has twice been voted the most inessential child artist by the Onion’s AV Club.

I recall the reviews of his albums frequently used the phrase “NAMBLA-friendly”.