"House of Horror"- some people need to be hit with an ax

In the face. Repeatedly. Some evil evil fuckers just need to be subjected to the worst tortures imaginable. I know it won’t help anyone, but it will make me feel better, dammit. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t care.

House of Horror - The world is just fucked up. Don’t read it if you’re squeamish- it turned my stomach. If there’s already a thread on this, I’m sorry. It’s just a horrible thing.

This is by far the least odd element of the story, but I wonder why he chose to keep three of the kids locked up and three of them living a ‘normal’ life.

I’m thinking he didn’t worry about the first one. Then comes the second one. Then three, four, five. Realizing that they will run out of room, he takes the youngest 3 - maybe they can’t talk or explain themselves really well - and leaves the older two. I dunno about the youngest one.

What boggles my mind is that the guy is in his 70s. If he’d dropped dead, his daughter and those kids would have slowly starved to death. No one else knew they were there. They would have remained undiscovered, possibly for decades.

And Jeebus! Imagine being the daughter’s siblings (they are grown with families of their own) and finding out that your missing big sister was in the basement all that time! :eek:

The whole scenario is truly messed!

Ok, I can’t read that. Please tell me he is behind bars or dead and the kids are alive and…well, I’d say well, but really, can they ever be? :frowning:

Yes, he’s being charged, the kids are out. The kidnapped daughter is talking to police quite eagerly, once she was told that she’d never be allowed near her father again.

I’m guessing you meant that her father would never be allowed near her again, right?

Well, at least someone finally knocked Arnold Schwarzenegger out of the #2 spot on the “Austria’s Biggest Assholes” list.

I’d meant it that she wouldn’t be near him. Since I imagine he’s the one who will be locked up soon, she’ll be the one at liberty, not him.

The line from the linked article is:

Which seems an odd way to put it. But, given she’d been his rape toy for over thirty years at this point, I suspect she’s got an odd view of reality. :frowning:

I caved and went to the link. So, that is the face of a monster. IMO, he must have been abusing the family upstairs as well to get away with his comings and goings and forbidding them to go in that basement etc.

I am sick for those kids–seriously, how can any of them enjoy a normal life at this point? Are they literate? How can they function in society–aren’t they effectively institutionalized in a bizarre way?

That is so freaking sickening. Assuming he’s guilty, I hope that Austrian prison treats him the same way that an American prison would.

He has freely admitted everything to police. He’s in his 70s. Locked up for the rest of his life isn’t that long to serve justice, IMHO.

Abuse of the upstairs family or not (no evidence either way), I am not totally buying the Mrs.'s claims to be shocked, shocked I tell you. It really doesn’t parse that this could be going on totally without her knowledge.

Sentence him to house arrest in his basement bunker.

Honestly. I have a hard time believing he delivered those babies himself.

According to initial news reports. Anyway, I agree it looks like he’s a monster. But it’s still early enough that I feel uncomfortable wishing him to suffer without some kind of qualifier. The fact is that people make false confessions sometimes. And authorities lie sometimes. And reporters make mistakes.

I agree it looks like he’s a monster, though.

Yes that’s unfortunate.

I don’t know. If it works out that he had been abusing the upstairs family (even if not to the degree of the basement family) I could easily see scenarios where the upstairs family survives by turning off curiosity on things that they’ve been told are off-limits. I don’t know how likely that is, and I’d want to question the wife very closely, myself. I don’t think it’s an impossible scenario, alas. :frowning:

I’m finding it strange that he was willing not only to get medical help for the girl, but then he took his daughter to the hospital to give them further information on her health. What exactly did he think was going to happen with that? Did he think he had her so cowed she wouldn’t say anything? He kept his granddaughter locked up for her whole life, but he didn’t want her to be sick? Maybe he just thought he could get away with it? Seems to be a failing of extremely controlling people.

Um…there was this guy in the 30’s named Adolf…

I think that was why Ahnold was only #2. :wink: