House training tips please.

So last week a dog came into my life (as detailed here: As of yesterday, we got Cricket spayed, vaccinated, registered and microchipped. She’s ours.

But while at first she seemed pretty housetrained, she’s gotten worse with time. In the first two days she was with us, she only peed in the house once. Now she’s pooping and peeing in the house with alarming frequency. I’m trying to do the obvious: take her outside frequently and praise her for doing her business there, but it doesn’t seem to help. She has pooped in either my son or daughter’s room twice a day for the last 4 days.


Need more information. Is she alone in the house when she poops in the bedrooms? Do you know when she poops there? Is it at night? What are you feeding her and how often? Do you stay outside with her until she does her business? Is she giving you clues that she needs to go?

I know you said she’s been vetted but - did she get a fecal test and dewormer? Is it possible she picked up something while she was there?

Also, I agree that whatever food you’re feeding might not agree with her. This might be the first time she’s had real food in ages. You might check with your vet on that.

She might need some crate training to lay down the rules for her new home but it’s worth asking her vet if there’s something physical going on.