Household cleaners

I’m curious. After doing some household cleaning this weekend, I noticed that the can of household cleaner I was using claimed to kill “99%” of bacteria. What happened to the other 1%? Are they immune? Please enlighten.

My guess is that the 1% is resistant w/a combo of the legal dept knowing that 100% is hard to gurantee…

…and by using anti bact sprays, we keep leaving behind the most spray resistant bacteria…sort of like a condensed version of evolution, put into warp drive by human intervention.

Did you get into all the cracks and crevices? Also that 1% could be the CYA clause so you can’t sue them for false advertisement. :wink:

yeah, the most common sense answer would be the law aspect of it. It’s just funny that no one ever claims 100%. It’s always "99.99999%!