Household physics experiments I am too scared to try.

There is always Dave Barry’s pop tart flamethrower experiment you could try.

I don’t had any grapes in the house, so I haven’t tried that yet. But I have experimented with creating a stable plasma in my microwave. It’s not very difficult to do and you get quite a light and sound show. Note that the plasma heats the container reapidly, so don’t carry on the experiement for too long.

Aaahhh…he true spirit of the season.

Actually, with Peeps for every season, we don’t have to confine the fun to Easter.

The Pumpkins are REALLY fun.


Here’s another one you could try, robertliguori. Radioactive Boy Scout

People have done crazier stuff with Microwave ovens. Just google - Microwave experiments.

-Bifurcate an earphone jack and plug it into a wall socket.

Done that - the earphone goes off in a flash of blue light. Blue light because copper burns blue.

-Pour water on a CRT monitor/TV.

Nothing dramatic happens from what I have heard about victims of flash floods. You have more of a chance of getting electic shocks from the water. I am sure the HV side gets immediately fused when water hits it.

-Use a fan to blow flower over an open flame, and try to create an explosion, or better yet, a flamethrower.

Using a leaf blower maybe better here. but u’ll have to tweak the system a lot.

-Put electricity through an antenna

Depends on the antenna - if its a dipole - u’ll short circuit it. Otherwise nothing will happen unless there is a leak in the wires.

-Microwave a wet/dry printer ink cartrige.

Again there are a hosts of people with nothing better to do - try a google search.