Household physics experiments I am too scared to try.

In one of my more entropy-facilitating moods, I thought of several experiments that I would like to do, if I did not fear loss of liberty, life, and limb. So what would happen if I did some of these things?

-Microwave sealed Nalgia water bottles full, half-full, and empty of water.

-Bifurcate an earphone jack and plug it into a wall socket.

-Pour water on a CRT monitor/TV.

-Use a fan to blow flower over an open flame, and try to create an explosion, or better yet, a flamethrower.

-Put electricity through an antenna

-Microwave a wet/dry printer ink cartrige.

Note to mods: I have 0 intention of doing any of these activites. But, what would happen if I did?

A Darwin Award?

I hear coffee-mate is flammable. It would be a shame to waste it, though. I loooove that stuff.

Microwave a cd, why do you think AOL keeps sending them out, good fireworks show.

At my workplace I was provided with a new router and belt sander. The chassis of each machine said “Made with Magnesium” or something like that.
I told my boss, “Cool! When these don’t work anymore, I’ve got dibs on burning them.”
I don’t know if he understood exactly, but I do know he didn’t like my joke.
I still want to burn them.
Outside, naturally. A long way away from anything else that’s flammable.

Here’s a short mpeg video of about a teaspoon of lycopodium powder being blown over a candle. Well-sifted flour should be similar.

Microwaves are especially good at heating water, so the water would get hot, expand, and the bottles would eventually explode.

You’d get a pair of toasted earphones.

You would likely short something out resulting in some sparks and lots of smoke.

That would be cool. Huh huh huh.

That’s pretty much what’s happening already. The electromagnetic fields in the air induce current in the antenna which is filtered and then amplified by your radio. If you want to plug that into a wall socket, you’ll get a toasted radio.

Hmmmm. I’m guessing there’s lots of water in ink, so that’d probably blow up too.

If I try these things, and disaster ensues, can I sue you?:smiley:

I think you and Yong Lee Fampee would be great friends

I’ve built a <a href=“”>tesla coil.</a>
I’ve also put all sorts of things in the microwave. Just get an old used one if you want to play around. They’re dirt cheap.

Filling a plastic bottle with dry ice is also pretty cool. The resulting explosion WILL wake the neighbours though.

There’s nothing wrong with creating dust explosions, as long as they are not too big and there is no especially flammable stuff near by. You don’t get that much heat from a small amount of powder.

I’ve done it several times. My chemistry teacher had an especially neat variation:

get an empty paint can. drill a hole in the side and attach some tubing

put a candle in the can, then some lycopodium powder or flour

light the candle, then place a piece of cardboard or something on top

gently blow into the hose and watch the cardboard go flying

yeah, but I’ve come to believe that there’s so little ink in those cartridges that it would probably not do much of anything except maybe melt the cartridge.

I mean, why do you think there are so few crack dealers in and around IT hotbeds? Obviously, the gram for gram profit in ink refills keeps their coifers lined both more efficiently and legally. From what I understand, the refinement process is quite similar, too.

As for my own experiments, I have a 1200 Watt microwave just crying out to be used as a plasma generator. My roomie’s friend put a burger in it for a minute and ended with a pickle burn that left a blister on his lip. He told me “I didn’t know you bought a NUCLEAR FURNACE!!!” He wasn’t seriously hurt, though, so he was able to see the humor of the situation.

(In the spirit of science)

Assume that I wanted to microwave one of those cm-thick, lifetime warranty, survives-three-story-drops-onto-concrete Nalgia water bottles. Under what conditions would it explode the most quickly? Filled to the brim with water, half-full, etc? Would the fact that the cap is made of cheaper plastic affect anything?

could someone please explain to me the whole flour over a candle thing?

The surface area of the flour is so high that it burns very quickly, almost explosively. Same reason you some times here of grain elevators exploding, the air gets full of dust and then a spark will set it off. You can do the same thing with ground up charcoal too.

It will explode most quickly with little water. Be aware of what you are asking though, if you are in front of the micrwave when the bottle explodes, will you be injured not only by the oven door tearing off and smashing you in the face, you will probably also enjoy burns caused by the water expoding into steam.

I say use little water for two reasons: first is that little water will heat faster and reach the temp required to explode the bottle faster: second is that when the bottle does explode, there will be less water to explode - gets hotter faster so there is less energy put into the water - smaller explosion, less hot water to cause burns.

It is of course insanity trying to get water to explode - why not just throw in a few light bulbs and enjoy a quiet light show?

Has anyone else ever done the grape in the microwave trick? If not, I suggest you do. It’s so freakin’ fun to do, and doesnt hurt youre microwave (that I know of)!

Don’t forget the marshmallow peep in the microwave.

Easter is coming.

Fairly irrelevant, fairly entertaining link – What if I shot my TV?

Did not read the link, but nothing happens if you blast a TV

Well not like TV anyway - just a busted TV - in a most unspectacular way