Houston bulletin!


(wire service) Known prognosticator, and reputed old fart, beatle, managed to stay awake long enough to make the acquaintance of cine-opera madonna Cessandra in the shadow of what may have been a swan song performance in accompianment to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The two SDMB communicators laid plans for a meeting of like souls to follow.

in addition…

for release to the tabloids…

(wire service) SLEEP CLAIMS BEATLE!

Well, we’ll see about that…

**Damn[/b that sounds like it was fun!

I tried to get my buddies to go, but they didn’t want to. :frowning:

I was planning on stopping buy after the movie was over, but I was just too tired (Sleep kicked my ass).

I;'ll see both of you guys (and hopefully a few more Dopers) in a couple of weeks!

P.S. Is the rumor true? Did Rocky Horror gonna get canceled?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Hmm, who told you guys that? I’d like to know.
After the show our sweet loving manager* informed us that 36** people walked out of the show, 10** during the pre-show. Of the 12** that she spoke to, the number one problem cited was our profane vulgarity. Apparently, 24 years ago, the word fck was not used in the movie (I’d like to know who edited Tim Curry’s lines to “add in” that little word.)
The problem is, they are always trying to get rid of Rocky. They kicked out our last cast manager and one of the cast, and now they are using that to scare our new people into doing whatever they say.
At our next show, Kristin (sweetheart
of a manager) is going to count everytime we say f*ck during the pre-show and the movie. If it goes beyond a set number (100), we are in deep trouble.

  • Description changed to protect the @#$%!
    ** Numbers probably exaggerated, maybe just made up


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