How about an OFF TOPIC message base?

For those pesky off topic messages …

Whatever happened with the kid and the pet rabbits?

Mmmmm. Goat brains.

Six thousand posts? How do you get six thousand posts?

Simple. Start with 5000, then post 1000 times more.

Duck Duck Goose, nice of you to ask about the kid & the rabbits. Well, I went to LA, renting a new truck with those idiotic Firestones on them [this is before the recall, naturally]. Didn’t have room for the rabbit ( there was two, I was going to keep one).

The kid in LA [14 years old now] asked ‘where is my rabbit???’ I said, ‘we didn’t have room for it & if we did, it would have been baked rabbit as its 100+ driving to LA & that it would have been your responsibility if that happened to the rabbit…’

He asked ‘why?’ I said ‘cuz if you didn’t want the rabbit, it would have cooked in the truck.’

Then he said ‘Well, I can’t have a rabbit.’

kids, make you want to beat the crap out of them sometimes.

How does one get 6000 posts? You type fast :slight_smile:

:confused: What is an OFF TOPIC message base?

Eat the rabbits.

You know that those OFF TOPIC messages get lonely, especially since people are always yelling at them. I think handy, out of the goodness of his heart, want to create a warren where they can run free with their own kind, wiggling noses, eating carrots, and being blissfully unrelated.

Oh, you mean like in Watership Down? I like that idea.

I’d like to nominate this entire thread as the inaugural topic in the OFF TOPIC messabe base. Or is OFF TOPIC an acronym? For, say, Old Frank Finds Ticks in Orange Potatoes and Incubated Carrots?

MPSIMS seems to work for most of us . . .

But even in MPSIMS you’re expected to stay on-topic (most of the time). This would be a forum for all those posts that you KNOW are OT but you just can’t help yourself. You could rush right over to OffTopic and post it there, kind of like calling your AA phone buddy.

For moderator, I’d like to nominate whoever is the worst thread hijacker.

Mod, can we put this in the OFF TOPIC message base? Oh, wait, we don’t have one :slight_smile:

We could call it Non Sequitur, but then no one would post there. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva

Yeah, if there was a Non Sequitur forum, most posts would drop like stones. On one of those da-da days you might get a half dozen not so great to try and read responses.

No accounting for taste, though.