How accurate are the katushya rockets that are being fired into Israel

A lot seem to be hitting the target say of Haifa, but are the rockets accurate enough to target say the port as opposed to residential or military areas?

No guidance system other than the launcher and it is NOT a pin point device. The better the launcher the better the accuracy.
Probably about like or approaching cannon fire.

During the second world war, such rockets were designed to be fired en masse to saturate an area. As much to demoralise the enemy as to kill them.

They have no guidence electronics–they are mere projectiles, aimed by eye.

So, accuracy largely depends on the crew firing it.

In every account I have read of, Middle Eastern Military/insurgent/terrorist groups tell their operatives nothing, or as near to nothing as they can. This practice makes it hard to get info if the typical grunt surrenders…he doesn’t know anything worth having. But it also means that he has a very poor idea of what to do. And it leads to logistical screw-ups, deploying in the wrong areas, friendly-fire deaths…the list goes on & on.

Example–During the 6 Day War (1967), many Egyptian Infantry Units marched into Israeli Territory, completely unaware of the situation. They had not been told a war was on. :smack: :eek: They belived they were in Eastern Egypt, on maneuvers. So they were complete unprepared for air attack.

Something similar may be going on today. Poorly-trained troops have been given Kayusha rockets, but no good list of targets–that is, no Intel data. They’ve just been told to shoot “over there”. Of course, the idea of “over there” may vary between Hezbollah HQ & Abduhl the Grunt, & the wrong target gets shot at.