How Accurate is "Gangs of New York" (the book)

I’ve read the book “Gangs of New York” several times since recieving it as a present. I like it, however, I have a question on its’ accuracy. Asbury lists a bunch of books that he used, but he uses almost no footnotes, or any other way of showing what he got from what book. How reliable, then, is “Gangs of New York” compaired to real life?

I too would like to know the answer to this question, as I also received this book as a present and plan to read it soon.

I should point out that the copyright date is worth checking… the book was written at about the same times the Chicago Gangster motif was popular.

It was also written at about the same time many principles in the action would have been still alive, if very aged. I can tell you that most of the places existed, and if you go look around 33rd street and 7th, some of the historical buildings show shell pockings. It seems fairly accurate from other histories I’ve read.