How an elite racehorse travels by air

Interesting stuff - and expensive!:

Cool. We ran into a variant of this when we looked into flying our two Great Danes across the country. I spent an hour on the phone with an increasingly hysterical airline cargo agent as every alternative dissolved in impossible logistics and spiraling costs. Even she couldn’t believe it was a complete “ya can’t get there from here, buddy!” situation.

(We drove.)

I’ve never actually done it but the company I work for has approval and equipment to carry horses in their cargo aircraft. We can take eight horses I believe, and burning 5500 lbs of fuel per hour plus all the other costs of flying an aeroplane, I imagine it would be very expensive.

And I had previously assumed that this The Black Stallion Revolts by Walter Farley: 9780394836133 | Books was accurate - teaching me that elite horses that travel by plane routinely end up destroying the plane from the inside with their sheer fury.

Check out this horse insurance policy :

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained within this policy or any endorsement thereto, the policy does not cover:
Intentional slaughter by or under the order of any government or public or local authority or any person or body having or claiming jurisdiction in the matter or otherwise. Except where:

(a) We have expressly agreed to the destruction of the horse, or
(b) in the case of humane destruction, or
© where the horse is destroyed, whilst onboard an aircraft, and such destruction is carried out by or on the order of the authority at the time and later confirmed by sworn statementby said authority that in his opinion the horse was so uncontrollable as to have been a danger to the safety of the aircraft, crew, passengers or cargo.

So you have to be prepared to have your own horse put down if all goes badly using air transport.

Wow. I was thinking that “Black Stallion” scenario was pure invention, but apparently, it’s thinkable enough that insurance policies explicitly mention it.

I had no idea. Would the “authority” in that situation be the pilot of the plane?

I would think so.

I opened this thread thinking it would be about Anne Romney’s horse flying across the Atlantic to the Olympics, strapped on top of a 747. :slight_smile:

What? The Romneys always flew their horses first class. Real barnyard PITAs, too, demanding extra drinks, hoofing the stews on the butt and snickering while leaving horse biscuits under every seat.

They also always had carry-on saddlebags that were too big for the overhead compartments. And don’t even get me started about how they’d stampede for the door the moment the plane landed.