How are hotel maids compensated?

Seriously? That’s…odd, from my perspective. My cheapskate Polish parents would even leave a couple bucks at the hotel when I was kid. I find it rather surprising that you’ve never come across someone who leaves tips for maids. In my experience, that’s the norm. I can’t say I’ve always tipped the cleaning staff (sometimes I forget; sometimes I don’t have the cash), but it’s always been the standard thing to do.

I’ve started a vaguely related thread, for anyone that’s interested. More about the use of maid service than the compensation aspect.

Well, I’m in my 50’s, lived all my life in Canada, and I never even ***heard ***of the concept until 10 years ago. I travelled several times a year. We were expected to turn in travel receipts for expense accounts. (Restaurant tips typically on the credit card bill) If the question ever came up, the accounting people would have issued a memo about how to account for cash on the pillow expenses - on a 7-day trip it would be a decently re-imbursable expense for some of the guys who claimed every penny. Never heard a peep one way or t’other. Nobody mentioned it. AFAIK, tips for maids was dreamed up by the “now tip waiters 20%” crowd a decade ago.