How are some Ebay sellers shipping so cheaply?

I do quite a bit of selling myself, but some ads like this really have me scratching my head.

That package weighs at least 15 pounds, probably more like 20.

Shipping a legit way would cost way more than what they are charging, even if they got the item for free.

Media Mail rip-off? Maybe, even then i find it hard to believe they are making any money on the product. I have bought wholesale for years and TP is spendy stuff.

So what gives? Any ideas?

They order it through their Amazon account, address it to you, and charge you a $6 ‘handling’ fee.

Amazon’s logistics allow them to aborb the shipping fees.

Aren’t amazon boxes usually branded as such?

It’s also likely that they got the item for “free” or REALLLLYYYYY cheap so they are more than happy to absorb a shipping cost. (not necessarily this auction but a lot of resellers overseas work this way)

Since the TP was the type I used anyway, and cheaper then I could buy it locally I ordered it and will report back the shipping box. BTW Paypay screwed me in debiting my bank account without asking on this one instead of going through a CC.

An update if anyone is still listening, just got it, it is a different box then the standard Amazon box, it does not contain the standard smile swosh, but it does state on the return address ‘Amazon Gift Services’. I assume the seller put it in as a gift for another person.

There is also a small 'a gift from (the seller) card inside, about 3 in x 3 in and looks thermally printed like a fax or receipt.

Delivery was 2 day however it took the seller 2 days also, leaving it 4 days from order to receiving.

UPS Driver was very nice and wished me a happy weekend.

Thus ends my public service to the SDMB.

At least I didn’t draw the dreaded and gender discriminating ‘pan fried seamen’ card.


Note that the current price for the item in the Ebay listing in the OP is $199.98. At the time the OP was written the price was $27.99, while the Amazon link in the first reply is for the same item at $21.99. (I mention all of these prices because, as you can see, they change.) So the Ebay seller exploited the difference between the $22 Amazon price and the $28 at which he/she was able to sell over 100 units. (The Ebay listing says that the quantity sold is 114.) It’s a very clever strategy, especially since he/she didn’t handle any merchandise himself/herself.

I am a bit surprised at the price. My local supermarket sells a top quality tissue at £8 ($13.30) for 24. That’s about 55 cents a roll compared with $4.16. Have I misunderstood something?

Yes. When the OP was written, the price was $28 for 48 rolls, comparable to your £8/24 roll price.

If they have 10+ more left, I wonder why they feel the need to overprice like that.

PayPal always defaults to bank account. If you want to use credit card you will have to choose it, every time.

I know, this time was more deceptive then other times. It was a option pay now and save time, or go to paypal to complete your transaction the old way, I selected go to Paypal and pay the old way and poof it said I paid. thankyouverymuch and haveanice day.

Why would you have ordered the item from Ebay for $28 and not from Amazon for $22? (One reason is you’d have to pay shipping, but you could have ordered two for $44 and gotten free shipping.)

1 - I never ever found the need or desire to order TP over the internet before
2 - I checked the local pricing and the ebay deal was indeed cheaper
3 - I never checked competitive internet pricing on this as I saw it way cheaper then I would have gotten it on my own
4 - Yes as you said I would not have gotten free shipping unless I doubled up.

Thanks kanicbird for following up!

Perhaps the seller uses some automatic pricing algorithm that takes into account the interest shown in his product. A huge spike in page views caused by dopers clicking on the link caused his pricing bot to go wild and raise the price to $199. Or maybe he is just trying to capture some money from stolen credit card users who don’t care what it costs. (I was going to say “don’t give a s–t what it costs” but why would they be ordering TP?)

Or maybe amazon has cut him off, but he’s still willing to go to the grocery store for anyone willing to pay $199 for a package of TP?

I wonder that. Does Amazon care that he is treating them as a wholesale supplier? I can’t imagine that Amazon can make money selling this item for $22 and then shipping it for free, even given the discount they get on shipping. So perhaps they did cut him off. (If that’s the case, someone here should copy his deal.)

The plot thickens:

The same seller has another listing on ebay for 96 rolls of the same product for only $53.96 “or best offer.” (The original listing was for 48 rolls and is now $199.98.)

I guess it pays to shop around!

I don’t know why the price went to $199, but on the basis of buy low sell high it seems like I am doing well :smiley:

And FWIW, the weight of the TP in total was apx 12lbs, this does not include the 2 boxes (the one TP box and the larger shipping box), both boxes are now gone.

Dose Amazon care, not so sure. First Amazon is willing to see it for $22 to anyone, what difference does it make if someone else profits? Second the way the seller sent it is unquestionably meant as a gift method of sending, but I question if Amazon cares or is it a wink wink nod nod situation since Amazon is not always the seller but resells itself, many of it’s products are actually coming from a non-amazon seller.

I can’t imagine that it’s cheap to ship a box large enough to hold 24 rolls of toilet paper, even with Amazon’s discounts.

And if I were an Ebay seller, I’d try to find other examples of items available at Amazon for less than I can sell them on Ebay.

When Ebay was new and the Phantom Menace movie was in the theaters, I read an article about a couple who went to Target, bought many of the action figures at full retail and then listed them on Ebay at a markup. If they sold, great. Otherwise, they’d return them for a full refund. Essentially a risk-free way of exploiting the scarcity of the toys and the willingness of people to buy them at a markup.

You should put yours up for sale at $198.

Does an Amazon Prime member get free shipping on gifts? Because Amazon’s shipping estimate for this item is fifteen bucks for where I live. So I assume the Ebay seller is able to get free shipping somehow.