"How are you, dad?" "I have cancer, son, thanks for asking."

Otto, I’m glad to hear that your medical problems are clearing up, and that things are looking up for your dad, too. Best of luck to you, your mom, and your dad.

I’m glad everything’s working out for your father, Otto.

My cousin’s ex husband (father to a wonderful 8 year old) passed away 1 week ago, due to Cancer.
During the same week, i found out that my Uncle has prostate cancer (going to surgery this week, so things are good) And 2 days later, i found out from one of my best friends that her father has it too. They’re going to get results today about how bad it is.

Didn’t mean to hijack, but it seems to me that it’s a lot more general in the population than i initially believed.

In any case, i’m happy for you and your family.

Otto, good to hear that everything is looking good. Definitely glad to see that both you and your dad are doing well.

Take care of yourselves.

Best wishes to you, your dad, and your family, Otto.

It can be difficult to operate on a tumor that has been treated with radiation, because the radiation changes the consistency of the tumor in such a way that it’s difficult to extract it. They can sometimes followup surgery with radiation if necessary, so surgery probably was the best way to go.