"How are you, dad?" "I have cancer, son, thanks for asking."

It’s official. My dad has prostate cancer. He went in a few weeks ago (don’t remember if it was just part of his routine annual or what) and had a PSA, which was slightly elevated. His doctor referred him to a specialist who ordered a biopsy. The biopsy came back “negative, but abnormal,” the the specialist ordered a follow-up biopsy. I called tonight to share my own wonderful medical news and recalled that this was the day the results of the follow-up were due.

So, yeah, prostate cancer. The good news is it’s very early (which they know apparently because the first biopsy was negative). Tomorrow my mom and dad go in for a consultation with the specialist to get all the specifics and to discuss treatment options. They’ll call my brother and me tomorrow night and relay everything.

My mom is now concealing my condition from my dad. It’s always nice when you can get your mom worried about her husband and her baby on the same day. And of course her health isn’t the best in the world either.

I was gonna give a quick call out to my brother tonight but now I don’t think I will. Given the way the day has gone, he’s probably battling leprosy or St Vitus’ Dance or some damn thing and I just don’t think I could stand to hear it.


Otto, I’m really very sorry. I hope everything goes okay for your dad. Fortunately, prostate cancer is very treatable when it’s caught early. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. And I know it’s stupid, even as I type it, but…try not to get too stressed out. Stress is NOT good for pericarditis.


Hope your family pulls through this.

I do not want to give you false hopes, but I will tell you before you panic that there are many variables to prostate cancer. My father-in-law has had it now for six years and while I am unclear about the specific kind of prostate cancer he has, I am crystal clear on this: every doctor he’s talked to has assured him that the kind he has is the slow-moving kind and that he will be long dead of something else before his prostate would be an issue for him. They’re not even treating it, aside from keeping an eye on things. Since your dad’s was caught early, there’s at least a good chance that treatment will be effective – or even possibly NOT NEEDED.

Until you know more, concentrate on taking care of YOU. The rest of us will say prayers and cross fingers and send good wishes whatever other metaphysical things we can do to support you and your family.

(OK, I know I don’t speak for everyone. But I dare anyone to tell me out loud that they’re NOT thinking good thought’s on Otto’s behalf!)

My father had cancer 7 (seven) times and beat it every single time. The first time was back in '65 or so, when treatment was rather stone-age. Hang in there! He didn’t give up until he got leukemia in '92.

Good luck Otto. I sincerely wish you and your dad, as well as your family, the very best.

Hope he feels better soon! Sounds like they caught it in enough time that he’ll be just fine!

Am I the only one who’s wondering if Otto’s last name is De Niro?

My thoughts are with you and your family, too, Otto.

My father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer about two months ago after an operation for an unrelated problem. His doctors have put him on chemotherapy, which consists of him taking a pill once every couple weeks. He said he doesn’t feel any side effects from the pill. His doctors have given him a good prognosis.
Another positive story - my mom’s neighbor had prostate cancer. He said the worst part about the whole ordeal was the 45 minute drive he had to make to the doctor’s office.

I hope everything turns out fine for your dad.

My condolences. It’s a very hard thing to have a parent sick with something so scary. I think there’s a tension between needed to be scared and mad, and yet not wanting to be a pessimist who is behaving like your parent has one foot in the grave. It’s hard to honor both needs.

Be good to yourself.

Otto, best wishes to your dad! My dad has been taking treatments for prostate cancer for the last couple of years. So far his PSA count is looking pretty good.

As you Doper guys get older, get that PSA checked! It could save your life. And mammograms for the ladies too…

My dad was told he might have prostate cancer (he didn’t). He had talked it over with the Doc, and if he did have it, the good thing(if you can call anything with cancer a good thing) is that it is very slow moving, and like LifeOnWry said, he would have been dead before the type they thought he had would have had a chance to become an issue.

But it still sucks Otto, I’m sorry for you and your family.

all the best to you and your father.
I didn’t know you wer Al Pacino’s son though.




Got off the phone with Dad a few minutes ago. He’s having surgery a week from Wednesday. He was given three options: do nothing; tight beam radiation (which for some reason would mean he couldn’t have the surgery); and surgery. He stays in for 2-3 days, then home to some, er, waste disposal issues that nobody really needs to know about. He gets blood tests every three months for the next two years and then every six months after that.

He’s completely optimistic and my mom was optimistic enough to tell him about my health issues (which seems to be almost completely cleared up, btw) after his consultation.

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. Looks like everything’s gonna be good.

Sorry man. I sounds like you’ve been having some rough times. I hope he gets better.

Otto: glad to hear things are O.K.

Otto, I know you don’t know me but I’m still sending you some X’s and O’s. Congrats on your good news.


Well since the news is good.


Glad to hear things have turned for the better Otto.
Sending good vibes your way…

Sorry about the illness. Good news on the update. I hope his recovery goes well.