How Best to Clean Stinky Tevas?

I just bought a new pair of Tevas, thinking they’d be easier to keep from getting stinky than my old leather sandals.

Wrong. Just one day of wearing them out and about and Mrs. Bug is wrinkling her nose and asking “What is that smell?!” And that’s while they were still on my feet. Even if I wear socks, for some reason, sandals plus my feet equals PU.

So I hosed them off that night, left them on the back porch to dry, and washed my feet. Smell gone.

But the next morning, I go out on the porch to find the sandals swarming with little black ants. :eek:

What’s the best way to clean the foot odor out of a pair of Tevas, and keep them clean? They have a spongy rubber foam on the insole, and velcro straps.

A previous related thread on stinky rubber footwear:

Is freezing my Tevas really the best way to defunk them??

I was expecting a “Heloise”-like tip for using common household items like soap or bleach or egg whites or newt urine or something…

Hmmm. My wife has some heinous pump funk goin’ on (I will be killed for writing this), and it never occurred to me to freeze the shoes. I assume water crystals break the bacterial cell wall.

Snap freezing could be even more deadly!

We got LOTS of LN2 at work…bwah-ah-ahhhh!

I’ve dealt with this before. I’ve yet to find a way to keep it from happening again, though.

Anyway, when mine get too yucky, I’ll fill up a sink most of the way with hot water and splash a little bleach in. Then I’ll toss the sandals into the sink and scrub them really thoroughly with a stiff brush. If any crud remains in little crevices or anything, I’ll take a toothpick and scratch it off. Usually takes only a few minutes.

Glad someone else has this problem too. I’ve been blessed all my life with completely odorless feet. I wear leather boots, with socks, 99% of the time and have never had a problem. Until I got rubber-soled Tevas. We had guests over the other night and I was thinking ‘Jesus, one of them has got some really stinky mofo feet’. Then I realised it was my Tevas.

Gonna stick them in the freezer now. Wonder what the wife will say when she gets back from the Madonna concert and fancies some ice cream…!

After years and years of wearing my Tevas, all of a sudden they start to stinking.
(I had washed them before, jsut cuz they get dirty) So I washed them with a scrubbing brush, warm soap and water. Left them on the porch to dry. Wore them again. Right away got stinky. So I washed them again, but this time rubbed Sr. Scholl’s stinky foot powder on them, so it got good into the crevices. After that appeared to disappear after a couple days I rubbed some more in again. They haven’t stunk since. I gave it this treatment about a month and a half ago.

Anyone else read this as “Texas”? :smiley:

I almost wrote it that way…

But I thought I’d save that one for IMHO.

Sink the Stink

It is bacteria eating bacteria.

For you freezers, please report back on the effectiveness! I replied to the thread linked to earlier, because freezing worked for me (after endless amounts of scrubbing failed).

I tried the freezing method, as suggested in the “heinous booty funk” thread. It worked for a little while. Then I just poured bleach into the booties. Oops. Faded part of them a little, but they’re all right. I bought a bottle of stuff from the dive store (I gather it’s similar to Sink The Stink), but I’ve mislaid it and don’t remember what it’s called. “Mar-something”.