How best to contact Congress/White House

It seems like there will be a lot of issues in the next four years that will make me want to contact Congress and register my disapproval. I’ve read various disagreeing opinions on which way is the best, some say phone calls are the best, one source said faxes are good, another said writing was the best while someone else said letters are easily ignored. I watched a video from a former Congressman and he said it’s best to go to town hall meetings, and I plan to do that, but in between those meetings I thought maybe there are methods of contacting I should know about. Does anyone have any experience either contacting Congress or working in a Congress office?

Also, would it do any good to contact the White House? I don’t know if the phone line works anymore, I called it the other day and there was a message about contacting them online, but I don’t know if that’s going to be permanent or not.

Are there any specific tips I should know as a very liberal person in a red state? I know that no matter how many people call Ted Cruz or John Cornyn that it wouldn’t change their minds about abortion or gay rights or something like that, but I would think that maybe some issues they’d at least listen if enough people keep bothering them, but maybe I’m naive.

Any tips on how best to contact in ways that it would do the most good, or any other useful tips would be very much appreciated. I am also donating money to various causes, especially the ACLU, and I’m trying to find other ways to make a difference and not just be scared or frustrated.

And to the mods: I don’t know if this is the best place to put this thread, feel free to move it to Elections or something if that would be better.

Well there’s this. I highly doubt the switchboard operators will put you through to the Oval Office no matter how polite you are.

[li]There are reports the White House has turned off the public comment line.[/li][li]There are reports various (Republican) members of Congress no longer accept any direct contacts, in any form, from citizens, including their own constituents, among them being House Speaker Paul Ryan.[/li][/ul]
Start with the phone, to a local office and not the DC office. Try their websites. Make contact with local media and try to get them to do actual reporting, and not just regurgitate wire stories.

Get used to the fact this was not a “normal” election in any sense of the word.

I accept that things aren’t normal, but I don’t want to just give up.