How best to mess with Nigerian Scammer?

I’ve been corresponding with a Nigerian scammer for my own entertainment, I’ve asked him to send donkeys, cheques, gold and oil instead of an “online transfer” and well he’s persistent. He’s currently requesting that I set up a bank account in Malaysia. Obviously I won’t be doing this, or anything else. What is the best way to screw this guy?

Do a thread search on the Doper Mangetout. He’s got a lot of good stories of screwing with the 419 scammers.

Learn how it’s done here.

My tactics consist chiefly of talking nonsense at them. It seems to spin the conversation out nicely, but I’ve never really achieved the results that the folks at 419eater get (photos of the scammers humiliating themselves, etc)

I call them pen pals.

I just see how outrageous I can turn the conversation. I also like to argue about the percentage they promise me, because they always argue back that it’s a fair amount…they’re arguing about their cut of fictitious money they know doesn’t exist!