How big is the sun (in Gallons)?

My son is a question asker.

Some of his latest include,

  • What does butter do to power?
  • What does power do to sharks?
  • Are trees sometimes as big as a giant’s leg?
  • How do you say SpeedRacer in Spanish?

But I can’t BS or Google today’s stumper. For Christmas I’m getting him a set of Encyclopedias, but in the meantime, can anyone take a crack at this one-

**“How may gallons big is the sun?” **

[SIZE=“2”]ps. SpeedRacer, in Spanish, is Meteoro. Thanks, Wikipedia![/SIZE]

From Wikipedia the diameter of the sun is 1.392 * 10^9 meters that is 1.13 * 10^28 cubic meters. Using google with the phase:
“1.13 *10^28 cubic meters in gallons”
yields the result
1.13 * (10^28) (cubic meters) = 2.98514419 × 10[sup]30[/sup] US gallons
google calculator rocks for units conversions.

that was easy. Thanks!

ETA: though it begs a second question. How do I say that in numbers to my kindergartener?

Even easier:

About three million million million million million gallons.

Well, the sun’s radius is reported by NASA to be 695,500 km

Let’s assume the sun is a perfect sphere. (Not quite, but very close says Wikipedia.)

The volume of a sphere is 4/3 * pi * r^3

so 1.40922E+18 km^3

Next, Google tells us there are 2.64172052 × 10^11 gallons in a cubic km

so we convert, and get something close to 3.72E+29 gallons.

“a bajillion”

Apparently, sufficient quantities can repel them:

My answer is wrong I used diameter when I should have used radius. I get 3.722 *10^29 gallons now. Which agrees with the people who took more time to do things correctly instead of quickly.

This is a stretch but, butter is mostly animal fat, as is myelin. So one could say butter resists power.

On the other hand butter is saturated with hydrogen and therefore contains quite a lot of power.

During the height of the second Gulf War Dick Cheney walked into the Oval Office to let the President know the day’s casualty report. The President took the news in stride until Cheney mentioned that they had lost 3 Brazilian troops to enemy fire. He just shook his head and asked, “Exactly how many is a brazilian?”

Really though, wouldn’t it be “372 octillion”?

To put it in kid terms:

An Olympic size swimming pool is about 660,000 gallons
There are about 6.8 billion people alive right now.
If each one had their own swimming pool, that would be 4.5 x 10^12 gallons.
If each person on the earth had 1 billion swimming pools that big, we’d be up to 4.5x10^21.

So you’d need 830 million Earths, with 6.8 billion people each, with 1 billion swimming pools for each person, holding 660,000 gallons in each pool.

I’m not paying for the pool heaters for that scenario…


Wait, so, there’s actually a question that Wolfram Alpha is capable of answering? I thought that it was just a thesaurus-script with about fifteen different ways of phrasing “I don’t know”.

I was amazed by that too. I got all excited about Alpha before it arrived and then was disappointed to find that it could never understand my questions and didn’t even do very well on the things listed under “A few things to try”.

Sharks are also attracted by power, as AT&T found out when they tested a prototype of the first fiber optic transatlantic cable. Within a month of deploying the prototype in the Azores, it failed with a “ground fault” (a short circuit to the ocean). They adjusted the voltage on the two ends to create a virtual ground, and it ran for another week or so and then failed with a second ground fault, which was unfixable. Then they hoisted the thing out of the ocean and found it was littered with shark teeth. Thus ensued the biggest secret of this multi billion dollar project. The story finally leaked, appeared in the NY Times one morning and that evening was part of Johnny Carson’s monologue.

The consultants from Wood’s Hole identified the species of shark from its teeth and concluded that the electric field from the voltage drop along the cable was attracting the sharks. They apparently thought it was food. Bell Labs ultimately developed FBP (you guessed it, Fish Bite Protected) cable and deployed that at the points where the cable went over the continental shelf into the deep ocean. This was the only portion that was vulnerable to that species of shark.

  • What does butter do to power?
    Increases its cholesterol and risk for heart disease? I don’t know. It sounds like nonsense.

  • What does power do to sharks?

  • Are trees sometimes as big as a giant’s leg?
    Sure (why the heck not?)

  • How do you say SpeedRacer in Spanish?

This should include two answers- One by weight, and one by volume. :smiley: