How boring can you be?

Inspired by Satan’s recounting of some loser.

I was pretty bored once. I didn’t do anything. Just sat around and looked at the walls. I would have watched tv but that would entail me getting motivated about something.

I once was an interesting person. Now, I am too lazy and tired to do much of anything. I like to sit around and watch my cat when I get home. Sometimes I turn on the computer but I would rather just sit there.

Yesterday, my highlight was cleaning lint out of the dryer. There wasn’t too much. There was more than usual though since I had washed a flannel sheet and some towels but it wasn’t like it was overflowing. I threw it away afterwards. There is no sense saving that type of thing.

Talk to you guys later.

I keep my dryer lint. In case I ever get around to making my own paper some day. I have it separated out into color groups and into pre- and post cat. I had this idea that the cat hair might make a difference in the quality of the paper.
Sometimes I watch the movement of the sun’s rays through my window throughout the day. Or I time how long the water runs in the toilet after I flush it.
Other than that…I don’t do much.

I’ve literally made people on acid fall asleep.

I’ve actually made someone fall asleep while I was talking to them on the phone. They were saying “uh huh” and “yeah” while I was talking and then they stopped for awhile. I had to scream into the phone to wake them up! I can ramble on for hours on the phone… kind of like I am here. I don’t have to have anything in particular to talk about… I just talk. It’s easier to ramble when I’m talking to a really good friend though. I don’t ramble well with strangers. My parents used to bitch at me all the time because I wouldn’t shut up and because I’d talk on the phone for 5 hours at a time. Enough rambling for now… more to come! :slight_smile:

OK, one more thing. What happens to your dryer when you don’t clean the lint out of it? I try to remove mine once a week (between me and the kids I do about 10 loads a week) but occasionally I will forget to do it every week and when I finally remember I’ll pull a HUGE thing of lint out of the catcher. Is it hard on the dryer to have that much lint??

It could start a fire.

It’s not particularly hard on the dryer but it won’t dry your clothes very well. A dryer works by moving hot air past your clothes. If the vent is clogged the air won’t move.

Any other boring things you’d like to know?

When my two year old collects the dryer lint, it’s the cutest thing. Here, wait a minute, I have some pictures. See, this one is a little out of focus, but she’s got the lint and she’s showing it to her teddy bear. We got her that teddy bear when she was getting potty trained. She was so fast about it, I couldn’t believe it. Wait, wait go back to that last one, see in this picture, she’s rolling the lint into a ball. There was a lot of lint in that dryler load because I washed her special blankie, the one with her name on it. Did I ever tell you about why we picked her name–see it was when I was in the hospital giving birth, unBElievable, really, because the labor took three days…

This may be a duplicate post…but then, that would fit wouldn’t it…:slight_smile:

I can be Northern Ontario boring:

same rock
same tree
same lake
same highway
rock tree lake highway rock tree lake highway rock tree lake highway rock tree lake highway…

“Eighty billion kilometres wide and only 14 people live there, all of whom are named Frank. Even the girl.”

Oooh, dryer lint! Since I am apparently the only one in my house who knows the stuff us actually removeable, I get to do some interesting ‘lint archeology’. You can look through the various layers (we pro’s call them strata) and determine in what order the laundry was done. Typical results:

Strata 1 (closest to the mesh trap) - White clothes from last Tuesday; identifiable by lint color
Strata 2 - Towels and washcloths, Wednesday. Identifiable by lint thickness and texture.
Strata 3 - Colored clothes from Thursday. Identifiable by various lint colors.
Strata 4 - Red clothes from earlier today. Identify by color.

What an exciting hobby!

Oh you lucky bastard! What I wouldn’t give to have a dryer of my own to clean lint out of. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment complex and they’ve asked me to stop going from dryer to dryer in the laundry room cleaning the lint because it was creeping out the other tenants or something. Now I’ve been lowered to having to scrape the lint out of all the pants pockets I can find. If I’m lucky, after wearing a flannel shirt, I can get a good amount of lint out of my navel!

When there’s no lint to clean, I sit around my apartment and listen to the relaxing purr of my vaccuum cleaner. Some days, when I’m feeling particularly antsy and full of energy, I’ll clean out the refridgerator and watch the freezer defrost.

I’m saving up my dryer lint…I’ve got instructions for making some kind of paper mache out of it.

(Do I win the boring contest? Do I?)

I save lint to use as fire starter… but I don’t have a fireplace and haven’t been actually camping in years…

Y’all should come to West Hollywood and visit the Ripley Museum. They have a lifesize portrait of John Wayne made out of dryer lint. I kid you not.

I dunno…

How boring can you, uh, be?

…sometimes I just sit back, squint my eyes and watch my my eyelashes grow.

Well I can be southern Saskatchewan boring. Wheat field, wheat field, grain elevator. Repeat ad nauseum. Why the CAA and AAA named the highway through our town a road of scenic beauty (Sask highway 39) is one of lifes great mysteries.

Rubber-band ball update!

It is definitely slightly larger than a regulation size baseball now. Next stop: Softball!!

Woo-hoo!! Thank you, Mr. Postman.

Throw the dryer lint outside, if you live near some trees and greenery. Birds will use it for their nests.

Sometimes boring is good. I need some boring at least a couple times a month, kinda recharges me and helps me appreciate the fun stuff.

Adding mine to the growing throng of people elaborating on why SqrlCub should keep that type of thing…sometimes I keep it [lint] and set it [lint] outside in the background. I read in a birding book that birds love the stuff [lint] for building soft nests. And afterall, who doesn’t want a soft nest?

In other news (and tying this whole thread together nicely), last Saturday, during our exciting moving sale (on a 50-degree, cloudy day), PLDennison and I sat on the porch and fed a squirrel peanuts–one at a time. He would come all the way up the porch steps and take a nut, run two or three houses down, bury the thing and then slowly work his way back to our house. At one point, we went inside for a few minutes and when we looked out the door, s/he was sitting on the top step looking at us as if to say, “Um, next nut please.”

But you know, parties like that can’t last forever…eventually s/he found another squirrel to hang out with at the corner house and didn’t come back that afternoon (we did see her/him on Sunday too, but it just wasn’t the same).

*Rachelle: OK, one more thing. What happens to your dryer when you don’t clean the lint out of it? I try to remove mine once a week (between me and the kids I do about 10 loads a week) but occasionally I will forget to do it every week and when I finally remember I’ll pull a HUGE thing of lint out of the catcher. Is it hard on the dryer to have that much lint?? *

Yes it is.

The lint trap is catching the lint before it is blown out the exhaust hose. (In case you’re wondering, the exhaust consists of hot humid air, the product of removing the water from your clothes.) The trap is preventing lint from collecting in the exhaust hose and causing a fire hazard. But if the trap is filled with lint, the hot, humid exhaust air can’t escape, and your clothes don’t dry well if at all.

So clean that lint trap after every load.