How 'bout a SDMB black Friday sale?

Subscriptions, renewals $9.99. What say ye marketing folks?

It would have to be on cyber Monday, no?

4.99 for Charter Members.

[li]SDMB Coffee Mugs - $4.99[/li][li]Ban Hammers - $15.99 (Decorative Only)[/li][li]Mutagenic Hamster Chow - 1 10lb bag - $49.99[/li][li]Retired Hamsters - set of six - $24.99[/li][li]Erase 1 Official Warning - $250.00 + A box of chocolates to the Mod[/li][li]T-Shirts “It’s Longer Than We Thought” (Misprints) [/li]$12.99 sizes X-small to X-large; $27.99 size 7x-large

Check back for CYBER-MONDAY Deals!!
(Mods will be half off)


Dinner with the Mod of your choice!

Please summit a recent credit report and a blood sample for price list.

Hurry Supplies are Limited!

Foggy, you missed your calling, you ol copywriter, you.

The Board opens at 8 p.m.

If they really want to raise some money, they should take a page from the medieval Catholic Church and sell indulgences. Even good posters will jump at the chance to be bad, if given permission…

I’m looking for deals Miller … I don’t see any prices advertised on the Iron Maiden, Rack or the assorted whips.

How do I know I can’t get better deal elsewhere? And what’s your return policy? If I try it for a week and find it doesn’t meet my needs, can I return them with the receipt?

How about a barter card, good for deals in Dopers’ areas of specialization? I can’t promise anything, but I could approach the good Dr. BJ about discounts in his Dr. BJ’s Salon. (Yes, it’s a real place. Yes, that’s what they do there.)

[quote=“Foggy, post:4, topic:674857”]

[li]SDMB Coffee Mugs - [snip][/li][/QUOTE]

:smiley: excellent.

How about selling off some of those covered wagons y’all are always circling? :wink:

We should also offer pogo sticks – for jumping to conclusions. :smiley:

Cost (if you’re picking me, anyway): Make dinner.

Awesome. Brilliant. Wonderful!

How much for the high horses?
(I already have the ladder to get down off it)